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filet mignon sale at mychicagosteak 4th of july

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2 Days Only – save 45% on the Complete Trimmed Filet Mignons The grilling season is upon us, and what better way to celebrate than with a great deal on Filet Mignons. Our Tender Filet Mignons are upper two-thirds USDA Choice or USDA Prime – it does not get any better! These steaks are juicy and tender. For 48 Hours Only, we are offering you the Filet Mignons for 45% OFF the retail price. Also, don’t just forget about the previous promotion from the company which is the steakhouse burgers on Independence Day with burgers that are perfect for 4th of July plus 3 free gifts and get free shipping on the order of $99 or more. The free shipping is on the most popular combinations of delicious steaks. I’s no wonder this simply package is the best seller year after year. It has a sample of the best cuts of steak that are aged to perfection.

USDA Prime at the best grade

Chicago Steak Company’s Tender Filet Mignons are upper two-thrids USDA choice or USDA Prime. It does not get any better. These steaks are juicy and tender. The company is offering everyone its Filet Mignons for 45% off the retail price which has made it so easy for everyone to decide. The pricing has come down pretty much the same as the lowest grade beef, but the quality is top of the line since the Filet Mignons from Chicago Steak Company are slowly wet aged for a buttery tenderness that you can cut with a fork individually hand-cut and completely trimmped for all exterior fat yet marbled enough to deliver full flavor making them “Simply the Best” steak with the most interesting offer (almost half off the price) ever at In order to get this promotion from Chicago Steak Company, customers can simply place the order online and use the promo code for Chicago Steak for overstock sale promotion before making payment. This is the exclusive offer from which is unique and different.

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USDA Prime grade dry aged

Of course, we’re not just here to provide coupon code to reduce steak price but we are also suggesting the new products and what’s worth to buy for. Today, there is a USDA Prime dry aged when only the best will do. The finest five star steakhouses in the U.S. prefer USDA Prime. Only 2% of the beef in the United States qualifies. While My Chicago Steak Company is trying to give everyone with the ultimate experiences, customers can get this with 3 free gifts today by receive 4 steak burgers, 1 bottle of steak seasoning plus free shipping on this order. Also, as a special promotion for independence day, the company will include the $25 gift certificate for everyone’s next order!

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