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Learn More About Hair & Offer its all about hair

Today, Folica would like to make 2 announcement to its customers and the first thing is the knowledge and the best and the most painless way for hair removal. Secondly, the company would also like to announce the new Folica coupon code as well as the exclusive introductory offer for the smoothest hair from the hair expert. Now, let’s get started with the knowledge we have received from today.

What is the most painless form of hair removal?

The obvious answer is shaving. The problem is how quickly hair grows back. I can shave, step out of the shower, get a chill and suddenly it’s like I didn’t even shave in the first place.

You could visit a professional for wax or laser hair removal but it’s still going to be painful and puts a hefty dent in your wallet.

At-home waxing and epilating can be intimidating but as you continually do it, the hair strand grows back weakened making the removal less painful. Also, as with all things, as you master the techniques the process becomes quicker and easier.

Here are some extra special tips from our connections at BodyHonee and Satin Smooth to make things a little less “ouch” inducing.

* Take an anti-inflammatory such as ibuprofen about 30 minutes before, this can help reduce any localized pain and inflammation.

* Hold the skin as taut as possible while pulling off the wax or running over it with the epilator.

* Use calm breathing, take a deep breath as the wax goes on, and a short exhale as it comes off.

* The FIRST time you use an epilator, shave the day before; with epilating you want the hair to be short as you run the epilator over your skin.

NOTE: Make sure to still follow all directions from the waxing or epilator system very closely.

The Advanced Smoothing Offer by BlowPro

Blow opened its first blow dry bar in 2005 and as pioneers in the blowout category, they launched blowpro – the first line of hair care products specifically designed to give better blow dry results.

INTRODUCING: You Only Smoother Advanced Smoothing Spray.

This is the newest addition to the blowpro line. This one product works with any and all hair types to deliver the smoothest hair possible.  Does it sound like I’m completely geeking out about this product? Good, because I am. The first time I tried it my hair felt like silk. I could not stop touching it.  It gets better, the You Only Smoother is only available at Folica and we’re celebrating with an exclusive introductory offer of 25% off the price! (discount reflected in cart)

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