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It’s the new Smartphone from Samsung and it’s considered the smartest. It’s also named itself as the flagship Smartphone from this brand which is now the 3rd generation of the well-known Galaxy. Before this, people have heard the rumor about the third version and it has never come out until today! is now offering customers with the brand new and one of the best flagship Smartphone from Samsung that would help the customers to get this phone easier and cheaper than before. Because Samsung Galaxy S3 at comes together with web only discount of $36 off and plus the Free Activation from without using any Sprint Promo Code to get. Be smart and get this Smartphone today at altogether with the new phone plan.

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Galaxy S3 Review

There have not been many websites that conduct a full review on Galaxy S3 but would like to review this Smartphone because one of our staff has purchased on and he’s using it now in the office. The new Galaxy S3 has been heavily upgraded from the previous version and firstly on the hardware side. The hardware being put in Galaxy S3 is considered “the best of the line” starting from the Quadcore CPU with 1.4GHz speed. Another hardware that impresses us is the HD super Amoled screen which is so wide that we can see everything clearly and it is as wide as 4.8 inches. Of course it is the HD screen and the resolution is also HD too, with the 1280 X 720 pixel on the 8 million pixel display covering by gorilla glass 2 which is scratch proof and very hard to break. Another important hardware is the camera that everyone has been waiting for. Even though the 12 pixel camera is not a “hardcore” camera but with new ability on the shutter as it’s faster than the older version.

The Shape

We have to say that the shape of Galaxy S3 is very seducing and it’s for us to again lose extra money for this model. The overall size of S3 is not too big and it’s not much bigger than the Galaxy S2 one. The screen edge has become thinner and it’s more stable to grab and hold even though the screen size has increased from 4.3 to 4.8. The shape of Galaxy S3 is very much in curve than the previous version making it feel softer and more likely to be held.

The Software

This new Samsung Galaxy S3 keep making us impressed and it starts off using Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. The standard ringtone from this model is very much likely as nature tone making the user feels relax and answer the call more gently!

Conclusion of the Review

Of course, we are not the professional in reviewing jobs but we can say that this Samsung Galaxy S 3 is a great Smartphone and we believe that it is one of the best since Samsung started to release the first Galaxy S1 the first version out. With the price of $350 (after having 2 year agreement instant savings), customers can get this phone by only paying for $199 less the discount $36 off and the free activation making it’s become more interesting and we might have to forget iPhone for a while in this case.

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