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It is as tough as nail phone and it is the rugged handset which is the very first phone for Verizon Wireless. It is the phone that was given the name commando and the question is will this only be for guys to use? Casio G’Zone Commando was actually being used to compare with Motorola Defy as well. From overall of this phone, Casio G’Zone Commando main material is the hard rubber, on the side of the phone, it is precisely being made of plastic which is pretty much looks like toy phone. This strange new phone has come to Verizon Wireless today with a very cheap price??? The price that we’re talking about is Zero or $0.00 and this means that customers don’t need to pay a single cent when they sign up for the 2 year contract.

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Before reading further for the reviews and what’re the tough points of Casio G’Zone Commando. We would also like to conclude that this commando phone is good for people who love tough smartphone and doesn’t really care much about the bloatware (which was pre-installed by Verizon). The call quality is ok and other wireless connectivity is also working great and the most important point is that, the phone is free at Verizon Wireless without having to use any Verizon Wireless Coupon Codes. Get Casio G’Zone Commando by visiting Verizon below.



Casio G’Zone Commando is coming from a few websites such as,,, and However, what we would recommend buying is not from any of these website but customers should get it from Verizon Wireless because firstly, it is free, and the other reasons, they need to be looked up in this article. Casio G’Zone Commando is the first rugged Android Smartphone for Verizon Wireless because it is all military approved Smartphone. The body even the button of Casio G’Zone Commando has been built with harden rubber button making it able to use in various circumstances and all type of weather. This tough G’Zone used to be in the market during 2011, and it has come back in 2012 during mid-year and we guess that it was because there are positive feedbacks on this Smartphone itself.

Casio G’Zone Commando specification doesn’t need to be as low tech as an old time commando, but it is! This Casio Smartphone comes with Android operating system or Froyo OS. The screen needs to be really touch and so there can’t be no LED, or any beautiful display to be installed on this phone but Casio G’Zone Commando comes with only TFT LCD for 480X480 pixel. However, if you don’t like the screen as it might not be too nice, then, the camera can compensate it with 5 mega pixel quality with LED flash! We’re now still wondering why a tough phone needs a flash for but it is good to have it anyway. Inside the toughness, we also need to see what are available to run this Smartphone and it is Qualcomm Snapdragon S2 for 800MHZ and surprisingly, RAM is very low at 512MB and this might be because the graphic of Casio G’Zone Commando or the applications aren’t that complicated and so, higher ram won’t do anything about it. What we are really interested is the battery, Casio G’Zone Commando uses 1,460 mAh battery that is suppose to be as tough. Now, for internal memory, Casio G’Zone Commando has come out from the factory with 1 GB and upgradable to 32GB with microSD card. Casio G’Zone Commando can do everything wireless just like other Smartphone above and below its line. The phone comes with Bluetooth capability, Wifi connectible, and the phone supports 3G.

free Casio G zOne Commando at verizon wireless

What We Love

What we love about his smartphone is that, if you have noticed all of the Smartphone that we have purchased, every time we do, we need to purchase the phone cases and protection along with it to prevent the Smartphone from scratches, falls, break down, and shock absorber. However, when Casio G’Zone Commando comes out, the users can just ignore those accessories and it can be said that it is built to be tough since born. The phone looks like somewhat the military device and it has passed the MIL-STD-810 test which is the United States Military Standard. When we say it is tough, and we want to know how tough it is, there are mainly 4 points to note.

  • It is able to go down deep in the water for about 3.2 feet for about 30 minutes
  • Casio G’Zone Commando is able to ensure heavy rains and strong wind of 40 miles per hour
  • This Smartphone can resist 95% humidity for 24 hours
  • It can be used in the north pole or any freezing places with temperature as low as -13 Fahrenheit for 96 hours

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