Free DROID RAZR at Verizon Wireless Today

Slim, Luxurious, Powerful, and FREE

Phone: Motorola Droid RAZR
Price: $549.99
Contract: 2 Years
Promotion: FREE
Review: 4 from 5, 4.5 From

It is one of the best Smartphone Motorola has ever manufactured with 100% full function that is the most competitive phone in the market since years ago. Carrying, grabbing, playing games, watching movies, and other entertainment capability in this Smartphone is at the top line. Motorola DROID RAZR is the reputation building smartphone and it has been available at Verizon Wireless for quite sometimes. The price of DROID RAZR has been as high as $549.99 without 2 years contract but today, Verizon Wireless has come out and announced the newest promotion on DROID RAZR and it is now FREE with 2 years contract and without using Verizon Wireless Promo Code.

Free Droid RAZR at Verizon Today


The free means that, customers can take $549.99 off from the total list price of DROID RAZR or 100% off just like other phones that Verizon has been offering during the last and this year. Now, many people might think that it is an old Smartphone with older technologies, however, we recommend to read our review below which could change your mind and your point of view on Motorola DROID RAZR.

Droid RAZR verizon wireless at the side

We have been discussing about Motorola Droid RAZR M and Motorola Droid RAZR Maxx HD in the previous article and promotion from Verizon Wireless, today, we have the oldest version from Motorola via which is the slim, luxurious, and powerful prototype of the Motorola Droid series. It is well-known super phone from Motorola which is considered the best model from this Smartphone brand because it has various outstanding features. Motorola Droid RAZR was once before the popular Motorola Smartphone that has recovered back the company’s brand image until today.

Droid RAZR verizon wireless back and front

From the outside, at the front, DROID RAZR looks incredibly neat and simple, there are 2 cameras from both front and back. DROID RAZR front camera is one of the best front camera for Smartphone until nowadays because it is 1.3 mega pixel while many Smartphone from Samsung, LG, and windows Phone 8 are still using VGA and about 1.2 mega pixel. If we look at this carefully, DROID RAZR had been released for a long time and this smartphone is still using the current technology. Which is much better than the newly launched Smartphone. For the screen, DROID RAZR is the very first smartphone at that time which has the screen size more than 4 inches. With 4.3 inches Super Amoled screen has made this phone still the great phone and very lovely to use. At the back of it, the design is cool with carbon Kevlar case making it so strong because Motorola uses the same material as the bullet proof vest. Looking up to the top of the phone at the back, users can find one of the world’s best Smartphone camera to use because it comes with 8 mega pixel that can give the real feeling of photo taking.

Droid RAZR verizon wireless specifications full

Real User’s Experience

First of all DROID RAZR from Motorola is powered by Android user interface with android 2.3.5 Ginger Bread of which is the very first Android operating system years ago. However, the use of the phone in all functions are very smooth. We love the way DROID RAZR makes it easier to find the phone contact by just typing in the phone numbers on the tab and the name of the contact person will appear automatically on the screen. The ringtone, volume adjustment is working very good. Even though DROID RAZR has been built with very thin case, but the speaker volume is loud enough to hear even when in the crowded area. The vibration system is also good regardless the thickness of the phone itself. Now, for battery, DROID RAZR has a very tough battery of which can standby all day long with wifi or 3G on. We can say that it allows the users to run through the day and then recharge it again in the late night time.

Droid RAZR verizon wireless front

Coming to the processor of DROID RAZR, the phone is equipped with CPU Dual Core 1.2 GHz and 1GB of ram with internal memory of 4 GB as factory standard plus additional storage of about 8 GB that users can add in by using memory SD card. We use DROID RAZR to play 3D games and it run very smoothly for every game even with the high resolution ones. Even when the video is played, based on the top of the line processor and Super AMOLED screen, the display quality can be flagged as A grade. The camera works great on DROID RAZR with the 8MP camera. However, there’s only one problem when taking photo out in the very bright sunny day. The photo will become darker than expected making us believe that the phone wasn’t built for light adjustment especially when using photo taking sessions.

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