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Today, we have received a great news from the nationwide telecommunication network company. has announced today like they have ever announced before on the same old promotion with new release to let all of the customers to get free iPhone 4 with the least obligations but with to open the new line. The normal price of the phone is $449.99 but with the new line to be opened, customers can just get it with $0 cost. After the phone selection, customers can choose plan as individual or family plan and proceed to hardware and accessories selection.

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By this, many customers have been looking for free activation promo code from but at this time, in order to get free iPhone 4, customers do not need any activation code from the company but just proceed to checkout and handle some taxes expense right away. Getting free iPhone 4 doesn’t really need any Sprint promo code to be put during checkout and so everyone can smile happier with Sprint Nextel!

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It is the 3rd generation iPhone from Apple with the starting technology of iOS4. At this hour, there could be no one in this world that doesn’t know iPhone from Apple because of its design and function. Especially, the look outside is gorgeous with stainless steel at the rim plus retina display making the image shown even sharper. Apple is the first to put its world’s latest technology in its phone with three axis gyroscope to detect the motion in every ankle and this has enhanced the technology to become more realistic especially when playing games in the iOS.

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The Package

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The iPhone 4 box cover for both 4 and 4S is pretty much the same and it is the same size as the previous version such as iPhone 3 and iPhone 1. In the box, the phone will always be on the top but below, there are enough spaces to fill in with ear bud with 3.5 mm, USB cable, charger, phone description and manual, Apple Logo, the simcard removal item, and more. Overall, the package looks really good; the arrangement of the stuff in the box is also good because apple utilize the space in a smarter ways.

Appearance Reviews

iPhone 4 has its selling point on the multi-touch screen with 326 ppi for 3.5 inches. The iPhone4 skin at the back and front is coated with higher coating film technology which is being used in the Helicopter or the high speed train. That’s why, at the outside, the phone has extra durability from scratches and from the shock. Now, looking at the above of the screen at the front, we can see speaker that is being used to talk , front camera for Facetime, proximity sensor to determine the distance between the face and the phone in order to adjust the lighting properly during the conversation. Furthermore, the ambient light sensor can help to analyze the light around to adjust the screen brightness.
Home button is below the screen which is the landmark and signature of the iPhone since the first generation for returning to menu. However, for iOS4 and above, home button can be pushed twice to switch the use of each application and thus the user doesn’t have to find the application from the main screen which is so called “multitasking capability”. At the edge of the phone on the top, there is just another little button to switch phone off, lock the screen, and switch it on in order to save the battery. If turning the phone screen to the user face, on the left hand side and the edge of it. There are 3 buttons or switch. One is to turn on/off silence mode, increase the volume, and decrease it.

Operational Reviews

Facetime is the function that is firstly built as a standard operation in iPhone 4 that the user can have their conversation together and see each other faces. iPhone uses front and back camera as an advantage to see each other. However, there’s one limitation that in order to use Face time, the users need to be connected to WIFI or personal hotspot from another phone and facetime is not working with edge, 3G, or 4G. Overall, iPhone 4G is the newest version of iPhone but there are also iPhone 5 with 5S is coming out very soon. The iPhone 4 is much faster than the other 2 previous generations and of course allows more tasks to be done, more games to be played, and this is very good for those who hates slow phone with complicated functions.

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