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Happy July from French Toast! Back to School shopping season is here, and it’s the perfect time to search for’s hundreds of styles and choices for all your children’s back to school needs! Currently, is featuring a special coupon on site for customers to get free shipping on orders of $99 or more. However, there is just another more awesome French Toast Coupon Code that is still running as special code for Free Shipping on orders of $75 or more – a much better offer for the customers.

In addition, French Toast is having two other fantastic offers for every customers – please note, the offers can’t combine with any of our free shipping offers, but can be far more beneficial for the customers on orders too small to qualify for free shipping, or for large orders where a 10% off discount provides superior savings to shipping costs. Currently, the store is offering a $5 off orders of $50 or more as well as 10% off for all orders Be sure to get this featured codes before going ahead and purchase any Frenchtoast products at the website.


School Uniforms Shopping Trend in 2013

Because Back to school event is one of the biggest event throughout the year in every year, there are over 79 million students who will return back to school every year and increasing Can you imagine 79 million of students in every grade, college and universities and other educational institution going back to the school and imagine what they will be needing to be back to school? The first thing they need to get out of the house to be back to school is the transportation, new cell phone to keep in touch with their parents, new gadgets, and of course the new school uniforms and clothing. During 2011, there were 7.7 billion of money were being spent on the back to school period, however, in 2012, the number had increased from 7.7 to 8.5 billion and it was 0.8 billion increased in the amount spent last year. Most of the expenditures were being put on mostly the school uniforms and family clothing stores as well as the infant apparel which is followed by stationary stores and from Bookstores such as those discount book rental stores and new book purchase. From this, we can see the need of the consumers more on the clothing side such as the regular clothes and the uniforms. When there are huge demand for clothing, this means that parents are looking for their best deal on the school outfits and uniforms and that’s why we’re recommending French Toast as the first destination for those looking for school uniform’s deal and here’s why.

  • Low Price + Coupon – offers very low price products with coupon codes and the low price products included the store’s bestseller such as the PIQUE Polo for girls and boys.
  • School Dress Code Guarantee – When parents don’t know where to purchase or make to order the school uniform to comply with school dress code, will always be there. The company offers a very relief full function dress code for each specific school with correct school logo and so parents can save time and money on this function.
  • Not Boring – Every month, will always be looking for new items and put them up in the website and so there are so many items to choose from during the month such as the school uniforms, schoolbags, backpacks, and other accessories
  • Quick Shipment – So every time the customers order something from, it will be shipped out within 2 days after they have received the receipt. The order will reach the customer’s address in 3-7 days and everything is insured. By this, we recommend to place the order in very much advance for about 1-2 weeks before the school is opened.
  • Low or No Shipping Cost – Usually, the big order needs to come with more than $40 shipping cost, but with the free shipping coupon code, customers can get their peace of mind to receive free shipping all the way.

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