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Parents that are now doing their online shopping at or they are planning to are experiencing one issue that they want to look for the best French Toast Coupon Code to use to activate discount in the shopping cart. When they are here in this post, they should know that they have come to the right place because has free shipping code, discount code in dollars, and percentage discount code from 10%, 20% up to 25% off on almost every items at and the code offer discount even during French Toast Back to School Event. In order to use the coupon code to shop at America’s bestselling brand of quality kids school uniform at great price that offer customers with all school’s dress code, ability to add school logos, and more, customers must firstly find the school code for their children to prevent the error of the color coding, school logos, and etc. They can also shop at by gender, boys or girls uniforms and sales section. After finishing all these selections and customizations, customers can actually proceed to shopping cart to enter coupon code just like illustrated image below:

using french toast coupon code and activated

There have been numbers of coupon codes for and we can differentiate those codes into 3 and the first one is the coupon code that offer percentage discount for every customers. The percentage discount doesn’t usually require minimum order such as 10% off, 20% off, 25% off, and 50% off. Another type of code is the dollar discount such as $5 off $50, $10 off $100 and more. Another code is the free shipping code which usually require $75 as minimum order value. To see all codes, reveal them all.



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Saved $11.75
Aug 11, 2013 by Anonymous
Did The Coupon Work For You?: Yes 

The code works fine for me..Recommended.

Saved on Shipping
Aug 07, 2013 by Anonymous
Did The Coupon Work For You?: YEP 

There are 2 shipping codes, one with $99 minimum, another for $75 minimum. Don't use the $99 one!!

Saved $5.35
Aug 05, 2013 by Anonymous
Did The Coupon Work For You?: Yes 

Got discount on school uniforms

saved 10%
Aug 03, 2013 by Anonymous

got 10% off on my $157 order..thanks

15% off on Pique Polos
Aug 03, 2013 by Anonymous

got 15% off on 5 pique polos, doesn't need code though

10% Code is working
Aug 01, 2013 by Anonymous

Got $27.26 right off my order....

It worked
Aug 01, 2013 by Anonymous
Did The Coupon Work For You?: Yes 

Saved me $5 on $67, perfect coupon

free shipping worked fine
Aug 01, 2013 by Anonymous

Free shipping coupon worked fine for me

awesome saved 10%
Aug 01, 2013 by Anonymous

got 10% off, thanks for sharing this California Mountain View CA, 94043 USA 4.3 5.0 9 9 The code works fine for me..Recommended.

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Benefits of Shopping at

French Toast - America's Most Popular School Uniforms for Less!

Beside the ability to use coupon code for to receive discount, parents can get their peace of mind that the uniform purchased is in compliance with the school terms. Because French Toast is having records on all schools uniforms for both boys and girls. The way to get the right uniform is also very easy and this is just by entering the school code in the little box and parents can start to browse the right uniform right away. Furthermore, the parents can add school logo on the chest or on any location of the school uniforms as it is very easy if they know their school’s unique source code, enter it in the express shopping box above and they are done! Besides, is also having regular promotion such as sales on all accessories, or 20% off Polos shirts. This is completely depended on timing and season.

Who is French Toast?

French Toast Official School Wear™ is America’s leading brand of school uniform. Since 1958, our company has provided families with quality children’s wear and boys and girls school uniforms at great prices. Our selection of uniform styles and sizes is second to none, from toddler size uniforms through young adult, French Toast carries over 6,000 individual colors, styles and sizes in stock, all year round!

Customers don’t want to waste time or money looking at sub-standard uniforms that may or may not work with specific school dress codes. Only at French Toast can, the customers can check out the special online school guide – guaranteeing the exact colors and matches for the uniform for all participating schools.

Why School Uniforms?

We can see today that different schools have its different perspective and point of view with students and the educational standards and there’s one point different for the students for different school is the school uniform. The school uniforms are said to be important for the students in the primary and secondary school for various reasons and many schools in United States have been adopting the uniforms model as they willing to be different and to keep the school standards. But what are actually the reasons for the students to wear school uniforms? Is it because the school is trying to create their branding? Or is it easier to remember? We will find out here in this article.


  • School Uniforms Make It Different – The clothing and outfit differentiate a person from one another and this also applies to school uniform. The school uniform will be the first stage of how people look at them. When the students with uniform walk pass by, the people will notice that they are students from certain schools and thus, they can be an eye-witness in the case that the students might have done something wrong or bad things might happen to them.
  • Differentiate by school – School uniform usually comes with logo attached on the chest of the shirt or by the backpacks. Then, it is easier for teachers, parents, and everyone to notice and they can exactly tell everyone else of which school that student is from.
  • Uniform Makes order – The discipline and order are what the students should learn about. The school uniforms are being used widely especially in Asia such as Japan and Thailand. The idea is to let the student feel proud of their institutions and to practice the discipline in a must-wear school uniform to school every day. This is another life-teaching from certain school because, one day, the student will grow and have to wear tie and suits to work. This is just another make sense reason regarding the uniform to school
  • Uniform Looks Nicer – Comparing the students who wear uniform to school and those casual. When the uniform is everywhere in school, then, the parents will see this as “order” and look nicer. When the stranger or the students from other school come visit including other people who might be walking right into school, everyone can notice right away which is considered another safety procedure for the school.

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