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As textbook rental businesses has grown more than 100% in 2012, there are many book rental services enter the market and all of them have used online channel to reach students, professors, and instructors over the internet. Now, what interesting is that, while book rental businesses grow overtime, the newly purchase books have been affected by this market and as well as the e-book market. Book rental service businesses have also point out the important issue that focus right to the point for students who find books to rent that they love getting dirt cheap books to rent and those stores are trying really hard to get the same piece of cake out of the market as much as they could and that’s why we see numerous book rental promotions from many stores. The example of the stores are such as, the leading online book rental service, Cengage Brain that offers students and teachers both book rental, new book delivery, print on demand, and as well as electronic version of it such as E-journals and E-books. There are also many more services that had settled years ago but the name of the stores are now getting wiped out from the big players such as the mentioned stores above. In order to see the differences between stores, has now posted the available coupon code for each online textbook rental stores for students to easily find them here in order to be as guide to choose the best textbook rental stores.

book rental service coupon jan 2013 – Let’s start with the largest player in terms of content, Cengage Brain has released a list of coupon code starting from offering $5 off purchase along the way to $10 and 10% off along the way to 35% coupon. The start date had already been started since the late 2012 and the promotion will be going on up until March 2013. Check out cengage brain coupon code page in for more information. – 10% Discount Offer just in time for the Q1 2013 rush period. This coupon is available until 3/31/2013. has not yet planned their coupon release for too long. Rather, the company has its plan to release coupon code per month and what we have here is the first quarter coupon which is applicable for every order.

[drpcoupon name=”Chegg 10% off 3+ Textbooks Discount Offer”] – Take advantage of gift card offering! Gift cards range from $20 up to $500! Receive the discount for gift cards as everyone would get on a textbook sale. These gifts are perfect for college students looking to purchase Spring Semester books. For, it doesn’t really matter to use coupon code or not but the site is offering various promotions and so everyone needs to check them out on Textbookx coupon code page for more information.

online book rental club in United States – The company mentioned that the students will be headed back to school and buying their textbooks again starting the month of January and they want everyone to be sure to take advantage of the rush and save from purchasing and renting textbooks from the website.

[drpcoupon name=” January 2013 Coupon”] – More like a previous reports, Just a quick heads up that some of coupons that has already been expired since 2012. And simultaneously, 3 new coupons will become active. There were 3 coupon codes that have already expired and customers can’t use it at the moment: savemoney (5% off entire order) supersaver (5% off entire order) chaching (5% off entire order). And there are new coupons which were being activated since Dec 31st at midnight, and will remain active for 12 months. Check these codes out in Campusbookrentals coupon code page.

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