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Free Trial OR Free Shipping + Free Stuff

Bowflex Uppercut has been available in the market for a few months and people are still getting excited about it since it is one of the best exercise equipment with very low price and with its capability, the homeowner can turn a small equipment into the full time gym using single corner of their home. Now, people usually learn about the equipment, how it is being used see Bowflex Uppercut Promotions but most of them do not understand about the payment term and so they might be misled about the promotions. That’s why today, stepcoupons.com would like to show some interesting point about Bowflex Uppercut and the best option to go for.

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As everyone has known that, Bowflex uppercut is the muscle builder that develop muscle in arms, shredded shoulders, strong abs and bigger muscular chest, from this, it is just a piece of equipment that looks very expensive but the price seems to be low from the advertisement of $14.95 with free shipping and Cut out the junk! The better you eat, the better you’re going to look. Monitor and keep tabs on what you put in your body with access to the Bowflex® Body Plan, and get to Keep your form in check and push out some reps with the ‘Dirty Dozen’ workout poster featuring 12 previously impossible moves to get you tore up from the floor up.

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with no Bowflex promotional code required. However, it is at the matter of fact not only $14.95 because this is the trial pricing whereby customers who are not satisfied with the equipment can return this in 30 days time. Another option is to pay in full price with free stuff. Now, let’s see the first option, the trial.

Try BowflexUppercut for $14.95

From the price shown in bowflexuppercut.com, it is not only $14.95 and the customers need to look very carefully about the pricing. The price $14.95 is the trial pricing for 30 days of which they can return the equipment any time they want to do so. But at the matter of fact, Bowflexuppercut on this option comes with shipping cost of about $19.95. This will make the trial order become $34.90. The customer’s credit card will be charged $34.90 (trial amount + shipping) upon shipment. If they choose to keep their Bowflex UpperCut after 30 days, the remaining balance will be charged to their credit card in 3 payments of $31.20, each one a month apart, starting with the day the trial offer ends.

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BoxFlex Uppercut for Full Price

What the customers will get in this option is the full price of Bowflex Uppercut plus free stuff. This option is good because not only they can pay for the uppercut in full price, they can also receive 2 free stuff and the first one is the free push up handles that usually cost $14.95 to purchase from the website. Another free thing is the free shipping promotion that they can save another $19.95. This means that buying Bowflex Uppercut with full price option will help the customers. In this option, customers are also having in total of 3 main options to handle the payment which are firstly to pay with credit card or more than 1 credit card, secondly, paying with paypal by logging into paypal account and make payment, lastly, to pay with check money order. The 3 options have been made available and it is great for those who want different kind of payment for their order.


What Option You Should Go For?

By this, we don’t say to go for the cheapest option, trial option, or the option that gives you the most free stuff. However, this is totally depended on your needs. If you’re uncertain that this equipment might not be workable as advertised, just go for trial option and so you can return the item if you are unsatisfied and so you don’t have to pay full price for the equipment that you are not actually happy about. The full price option is for those who are very certain that the UPPERCUT will be very useful for them and you don’t have to prove it. In addition to this confident, you will also be getting free shipping and free item which is an advantage on the purchase.

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