Glad For Dads and Grads at French Toast

Free Shipping Promotion for 4 Days

french toast dads and grads june 2013

Today, French Toast Company, one of the largest online student’s uniform distributor has announced its latest promotion to celebrate dads and grads day through its website on the new free shipping promotion for customers who’re placing their orders within this 4 days. This promotion has been delivered to French Toast’s members inbox just in time before the weekends. At this time, customers can purchase anything at the website and use French Toast Coupon Code to get free ground shipping with no minimum required for the order. However, the company also inform that the promotion will be expired on the Midnight on 16th, June 2013 and the offer cannot be combined with other website offers such as sales and with the use of other coupon codes and the order must be shipped within the United States only. This is to show to the world and people in United States that French Toast is very much seeing the importance of the Father’s Day as well as Graduation Day even though the majority of the products at the website are not directly related to the celebration of these important days, however, this gives huge opportunity for everyone and every family who are looking for discounted student uniforms to save on their goods delivery to their home and get ready for the school open season after summer time.

Benefits of this Promotion

Even though French Toast did not imply precisely the important of this promotion but we would like to point out how important the free ground shipping will impact on the saving of the household. Normally, when purchasing or shopping through online from any States, the customers will have to pay for 3 main things. The first one is the price of the merchandise and in this case is the school uniforms for both boys and girls plus other accessories. At this point, buying the merchandise as school uniforms is necessary for the student back at home and we can’t do anything about it except Frenchtoast has its discount promotion via its site. Secondly, customers need to handle taxes and that can’t be avoid, but the last cost is the shipping cost that might account for about 3-5% of the order value which can be really huge when placing the bulky order. Now, this promotion offer free shipping and it can be looked in 2 cases.

  • Small Order, Free Shipping – For 4 Days, customers who didn’t plan on purchasing higher volume of the student uniforms and other items from, they can enjoy their saving even though they don’t want to place huge order. Some family might find that they are short of students uniform and so they can order just a few pieces and then still get free shipping
  • Large Order, Free Shipping – This is understandable, the more order, the more sizes, the more weights, and the more shipping cost. Normally, when the huge order is placed, will help the customers by offering coupon code and in this case, it is already free!

No matter what the intention from might be but we look at this promotion that during Summer time, there tend to be lesser families ordering student uniforms since their children are home and not having to attend school just yet and they might want to let those family who just want to purchase a few items to get their saving on their smaller order as well as to celebrate dads and grads day.

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