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We’re heading to one of the most busiest season in the year, the Valentine’s day is coming right upon us and many people are looking for flowers delivery store to spend to their special someone and not only lovers would be sending flowers but for fund raising organizations such as schools, church, and more to send flowers to show the love as well. would like to show everyone the grow of love like the blossom in the next few weeks and that’s why we would like to recommend as the major website to find flowers for Valentine’s Day and there are 2 reasons behind this recommendation, that is, firstly global rose offer very low wholesale price and secondly, there are new Global Rose Coupon Codes available to use today.

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If you’d want to surprise someone with lots and lots of roses, even if you’re fund raising organizations, or you’re trying to impress your lovers, then, buying a bulky roses from a normal retail florist sit by the local would be a bad idea since the price will be extremely high. For fund raisers, church, schools, and individuals can also experience unnecessary cost increase if they compare the rose price this year with the last. can also provide customers with a great opportunity to raise money! Customers should know that for a fraction of the price typically charged at a florist or local wholesaler, they can purchase bulk, long stem roses or carnations in shades or red, pink or even rainbow to sell to their classmates, teachers, friends, neighbors and family members. Selling flowers by the stem is a popular fundraiser for many of Global Rose customers and is a good marketing idea as well.

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Remember to find any of the wonderful single bouquets filled with lovely Valentine’s Day flowers, like the Love You Forever Valentine’s Day bouquet (vase included). This bouquet would make a beautiful gift for that special someone and is just one of many great Globalrose products. Also, Global Rose would like to make this Valentine’s Day super special by releasing another set of Global Rose Coupon Code. The set of codes are listed below and please remember that, customers need to choose one code only because it can only be used one at a time. When the first code is being applied, there won’t be no second code able to activate any extra discount.

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  • Valentine Day Coupon Special – Get 5% Off on Orders $350 or More
  • February 8% Off Coupon Special – Get 8% Off on Orders over $800
  • February Yellow Roses Coupon – Get 10% Off on All Yellow Rose Orders
  • February Orange Roses Coupon – Get 10% Off on All Orange Rose Orders
  • February $10 Off Coupon – Get $10 Off on Orders over $200
  • February $25 Off Coupon – Get $25 Off on Orders $35 or More
  • February $50 Off Coupon – Get $50 Off on Orders $650 or More

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