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Many people are interested in GoToMyPC computer remote access application and software which was being launched years ago after the success of Gotomeeting but they couldn’t make up their mind to start the subscription for this wonderful and useful software because of the pricing per month. That’s why today would like to provide every readers with the best GoToMyPC Coupon Code, and Promo Code to help everyone to get extra discount and so they won’t have to decide again but to go for each plan right away. We believe that all who have known knows how the software is used and the advantages of using it. But they might not know that there are plans for them to go for monthly subscription. The first one is GoToMyPC single user of which provide the user the access to 1-20 computer units at the same time with extra essential feature. The next package is GoToMyPC Pro that allows 1 administrator to monitor the connection and 2-50 users to access in and out of the remote access. The last package is GoToMyPC corporate, as the name said, it is for corporate use allowing 1 or more administrator and more than 10 people that can access the computer all the time. Each of the plan and package allows free trial for 30 days but for some reasons, have also released its coupon code for extended free trial such as 45 days trial instead of 30 days.

gotomypc plan and pricing

Now, talking about the promo code and promotion codes or coupon codes for GoToMyPC for both single users and GoToMyPC pro. has been keeping track and record all available codes in the internet, extracting from the coupon sites and we have found out that, there are 2 types of coupon code. The first type is the coupon code that will activate 45 days of trial and the other one is the discount promotion code. In order to see all available codes, customers can reveal them all.





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  Pricing for GoToMyPC on different packages are based on the number of users. The GoToMyPC standard version starts from 1 computer for one user and the customers have to handle only $9.95 per month or $99 per year by paying in total. GoToMyPC pro allows 2 or more users with $19.99 per month and $198 per year. For corporate, in order to get GoToMyPC, they need a quote and the sales person from GoToMyPC will contact back on the matter of pricing and demo.  

GoToMyPC Apps

  GotoMyPC on iPad and iPhone app can help you to access your PC or Mac from anywhere in the world. Now you can work on your program or file from your handheld devices even if you have left your laptop or Mac behind, this app can still help the work to be super productive. This can be started by firstly download the GoToMyPC app for free from the app store, then, install GotoMyPC install on the computer that you want to have access to. Then login to your GotoMyPC app and enter the pass code to connect the app with the Laptop or Mac, then, you can start using it right away.   From the application through iPad and iPhone, users will see the computer screen of the Laptop, Desktop, or Mac from their screen, they can drag and drop the folders, applications, and software on the screen. The files can be deleted and at the same time, GotoMyPC allows add in more files, change the value of the files and the good example of this is the excel file that the GotoMyPC users can open the file via their tablet or smartphone and adjust the value, add in more rows and columns to the file. There are more capabilities that gotomypc application can do and everyone can have their trials at for better experiences.  

Why Remote Access?

  You have an urgent meeting at the west coast while you’re in the east coast in United States, when you left the house and on the plane, you have realized that you have missed something. Your Laptop is still at home or at the office, and the important document as well as the presentation files are still in there, the question is what do you do about it? Another case is that, a person has left his house for vacations for a week, and he forgot to turn off his desktop or Mac computer. No one around the area has the key to his house or his apartment, he could have left the computer turned on like that for the rest of the week or to wait until it is on fire. Having remote access to your computer back at home or at the office could be very productive when you’re a very forgetful person or you need the two computers at the long distance to synchronize with each other, moving files from one computer to another, and even want to get the information, files, from one laptop of which will never be in another computer unit in urgent to be sent out to another person who have waited very long could be possible with the remote access from another computer.   Having remote access gives the computer owners the opportunity to full utilize his/her own computers from the long distance. A person might have his remote access on one computer while his trainee is using it. His trainee might have the questions about the number and others in the excel file while he can login and change the number at once to make it correctly. The students can help each other to fix the mistakes in their presentations while another one is living far away from the group and he/she might want to input some ideas in it.  


  The award-winning, easy-to-use remote access services give users the freedom to access their PC from anywhere in the world. GoToMyPC is the easiest, most secure and cost-effective solution for the users to have remote access to their home or work PC – from anywhere in the world – for one low flat rate. On the other hands, GoToMyPC Pro gives many users the same remote access capabilities as GoToMyPC plus enhanced features such as administrative control. GoToMyPC Pro is designed for for 2-20 users.  

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