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In New York City, everyone knows with its famous in the sightseeing in it and there are 5 main districts that are very popular which are Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Borough, but there is one district that people have not mentioned about it that much which is Bronx. Bronx is the city that above Manhattan which could be said that it is the area that are popular for hip hop music and tourists will usually overlook and mention for the last place to go for sightseeing. However, at the matter of fact, there are so many things to do in Bronx area with more than 20 attractions that a few number of people used to be, outdoor activities, landmarks, zoo, and some other interesting shopping area for everyone to go for. However, for those interested, there are not many tour companies that would have this type of tour around Bronx and Bronx attractions until Gray Line New York arranges this tour to happen with discount on travel and online only. Gray Line New York is one of the largest travel company that very specialize in New York City travel in all district no matter if the tourist would be interested in traveling by bus, all loop, sightseeing, cruising, and even helicopter tour in New York. The company offer Gray Line New York Promotional Code for cheaper travel ticket. Customers who purchase Gray Line Bronx Tour through would be getting extra discount from the ticket and sightseeing tours. Now, let us show the attractions around Bronx and how much fun people can get out of Bronx with Gray Line’s Top Attractions and here we start with the first one.

new york botanical garden

The New York Botanical Garden – Get away from the big crowded city, New York Botanical Garden is hidden in Bronx just like the hidden gem in the cement forests. This is the place where the tourists can walk around the garden with hundreds and thousands of botanical and it is the walk only getting fresh air and oxygen from these plants. Not many tourists would know that this garden is hidden in Bronx and it is almost impossible for it to be there. By this, there are hundreds of great reviews from Tripadvisor at this hours.

bronx zoo travelBronx Zoo – Of course, this zoo is located in Bronx area and it is perfect destination for family trip. This Zoological Park contains more than 6,000 animals for sightseeing specifically for educative and entertaining. Children will always love the zoo and Bronx Zoo has something different. The decoration and the look of the zoo is just like the Dinosaur Safari where people can drive and walk around to see those animals. Bronx Zoo has also been started in for the best zoo in New York with almost a thousand of reviews and so it is just another perfect place that Gray Line has included in the trip

yankee stadiumYankee Stadium – Yankee Stadium is the stadium from Yakee team that offer the fun experience to do some tours in it. It is the stadium that holds so many baseball events as the preferred city field for everyone. Also, Gray Line New York has just released the Gray Line All Loop + Yankee Stadium Tour for the visitors who are interested in Baseball that create a great New York experiences.

wave hill at bronxWave Hill – This is the huge 26 acres garden in Bronx which is run by non-profit organization that focus on building natural environment and thus it is perfect for those who wants to get away from the big city. Many who have visited said the same thing about this garden that it is an unreal garden that almost impossible to be there in Bronx.

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It has been some report about Gray Line Promotion at Of course, the big bus company like Gray Line with exposure to hundreds of thousands of visitors and those advertisers, credit cards company and other travel related company would be interested to do co-promotion with Gray Line Bus. The most recent promotion that we have found that has been co-promotion with Gray Line is AAA . AAA stands for American Automobile Association and its duty is the makesure the people are safe while traveling with any kind of transportation in the United States of America. The customer who is the member of AAA club of which is the card holder can benefit of getting 10% off Gray Line New York Service for one day. Read More about AAA promotion.  Also, Gray line is not only operating in United States, but the company is having so many branches in the world, check out Gray Line Branches for more information.

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