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Earn More Points & Save 15% With GroundLink Promo Code

If you’re looking for  groundlink promo codes  to activate discount on limos and cars picking you up from the airport to hotel, from hotel to airport, or even from airport to airport all around the world and especially in New York city as well as from the major states. You might have been deciding which airport limos or car rental to use such as from NYC airporter, Airport rental cars, or from Go Airlink NYC. But the reasons to choose might be because you know that you can save huge from using the service from the website. Most travelers who use Groundlink are from New York, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Miami. However, Groundlink has also been servicing customers for other countries as well and the most popular one is Portugal. Every single customers will usually look for Groundlink promo code before deciding to place the order through There are various types of coupon code that have been offered for and all of them must be entered in the payment detail page.

using groundlink promo code

using groundlink promo code



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Saved 20%!!!
Jul 18, 2015 by Anonymous

Thanks! saved me $20 on my ride

Saved 10%
Mar 04, 2014 by Anonymous

This is the last coupon website that I've found and they've got the REAL coupon code, I saved $15 on my airport car booking, Thanks!

Had to split reservations
Sep 10, 2013 by Anonymous
Did The Coupon Work For You?: Yes 

Saved $8 on each leg - but had to split it into two reservations

Saved $10 Thanks
Aug 15, 2013 by Anonymous
Did The Coupon Work For You?: Yes 

Nothing much to say but you saved me!

Saved 9.89
Aug 11, 2013 by Anonymous

15% off my limo booking in San Francisco, hesitated to use the double points promo code though

Received 2X points
Aug 08, 2013 by Anonymous

This code is brilliant, gave me double points on my dollar spent

Saved $8
Aug 08, 2013 by Anonymous
Did The Coupon Work For You?: Yes 

Received $8 off on my Limo reservations California Mountain View CA, 94043 USA 4.6 5.0 7 7 Thanks! saved me $20 on my ride

There are 2 types of promo codes for groundlink since from the past up until today, the first type is for the customers to use to get double or triple points on their trip. Normally, customers will earn 2 points for every dollar spend by using code and to get 3 point for every dollar spent when booking through the Groundlink applications. Now, another type of groundlink promo code is to offer discount for almost every destinations and trip.

Airport Limos OR Car Rental?

When talking about trips within the destinations that we have never been before and we need the service that can transport us from destinations to destinations to finish our job during the trip. Even for those traveling for leisure, they need ground transportation other than airlines or train. The airport limos or airport taxi is usually the best choice for everyone who don’t want to drive because they are tired and exhausted from the trip. However, let’s look at the example when people choose to use car rental would be different from choosing groundlink or airport limos.

People choose to use car rental tend to have more free time on their trip
This is very true, based on our own experiences, in every trip that we have extra time left after the meetings, customer’s presentations, we would prefer to reserve the car rental rather than to use limo service. On the same hand, if we’re to travel directly to many locations for sales or presentations, we would also use car rentals. The reason is because, car rental service seems to be much cheaper than to call in for Limos and we can drive the car all around the city even after the work is done.

 groundlink driver service


Choosing Limo service tend to be in a rush job or the whole family vacations.
The limo service is usually being used when the job description could be completed really fast or a person has very few destinations to be there. The example of this is the airport transfer from one airport to another (usually in United States and some European countries). Also, for family vacations, the family usually have their reserved hotel and they would only need the car to pick them up from the airport to the hotel and send them back from the hotel to the airport.

Airport Taxi Reviews From Cooper James
Airport taxis are common throughout the world and most airports seek to regulate them in some fashion in order to guarantee that their services will be available but also to insure visitors and tourists to the area that the service will be of good quality and that drivers will treat their passengers well. Airline passengers, new to the area, cannot use trial and error to select a good taxi company but rather must rely on airport officials to arrange these services for them. Airport landside managers in the US and Canada are very aware of the need to manage the quality of their taxi services. More and more attention is being given today to the concept of a closed or restricted entry airport taxi system whereby taxicabs are either turned over to a single company to operate with very high standards or managed as a single entity, matching daily demand for taxis with supply.

The movement to concession airport taxi systems or metered taxi system is being driven by a number of factors. There is obviously a need to eliminate extremely long wait times by taxi drivers at the airport and the problems associated with two sets of taxi operations – one to take passengers away from the airport and another to bring them to the airport. Such airport taxi systems are inherently energy inefficient and expensive to operate – driving the cost of taxi service higher than it really needs to be. The second is the cost to manage the open airport taxi system. If all taxis are permitted to arrive at the airport at any time, the airport becomes the region’s largest taxi stand, requiring parking facilities and driver amenities. The land, physical facilities, driver and vehicle permitting, curbside management, and user complaints are time-consuming and expensive for the airport. Therefore, it is expected that these trends toward closed or managed airport taxi systems will continue in the United States and Canada.

Credited to Cooper, James; Mundy, Ray; Nelson, John, Transport and Society : Taxi. Ashgate Publishing Group