Harbor Freight Tools 50% off promotion

50% off Sale

Can’t believe they do this again, Harbor Freight tools has always been making us surprise with its promotions and we keep thinking that what profit can they make if they go on and announce their promotion like this, this time it’s 50% off sale promotion from Harborfreight.com for in-store and online at harborfreight.com. This promotion starts right away or on October 18th, 2011 until next Monday October 31st, 2011. Don’t ask of how many items that are on sale but do ask of how can a person get discount from the store or from shopping online. Of course, getting 50% discount on the item list needs special method in order to get the discount. By using the printable coupon, and by visiting harbor freight tools super coupon page and print the coupon on the selected products that you want to get discount on. Hand the printed coupon at Harbor Freight Tools store near you and get the discount particularly on that item. In order to get 50% off by using Harborfreight.com coupon code via online channel, customers will only need to do the same but to note the coupon number and use it during checkout while shopping online.

The example of the items that are on sale 50% off by using printable coupon and super coupon are Pittsburgh 4 peice pick and hook set, Chicago Welding Auto darkening welding helmet with blue flame design, US*General 11 Drawer roller cabinet. Futhermore, do you believe that there are some items that once apply the coupon and customers can get more than 50% off? These are such as Pittsburgh 4 in 1 screwdriver with TPR handle, Pittsburgh Pro 3/8 drive torque wrench, Pittsburgh 40 piece 3/8″ and 1/4″ drive socket set, 12 piece long cord elastic tie downs, and Pittsburgh 6″ ratchet bar clamp spreader. Customers can check more discounted items by using coupon code at harborfreight.com or they can go to the store nearby with about 370 stores nationwide, but if customers order online at harborfreight.com, the company will the order by FedEx.

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