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The T-Cell 15 from Hayward has been getting very popular very quickly started a few years ago. Today, many households that have indoor and outdoor swimming pool are now looking for the way to change from the old chlorine water management system to a better more hygienic one. Now, there are many places and websites to purchase Hayward T-Cell 15 and that’s why we would like to compare this product and so we would be able to tell exactly. We would be focusing on the T-Cell 15 products and we have compared them all there in the table as of 2013 pricing. Try to see which on is less expensive for the and their satisfaction is guaranteed from the reviews.  In addition to this, customers can always look for the store that provides coupon code in order to save even better on their T-Cell 15 and get free shipping as well
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It could be great if we live our life staying away from all chemical and artificial substances and this is including the swimming pool. There are many problems associated with the swimming sports such as the swimmer might feel inching with rashes every time get up from the water, some of them feel pain in the eyes after the water gets into their eyes. These are all because of chlorine that that pool watch needs to put into the pool to sanitize the water. A proper level is good for everyone, but the improper amount of chlorine would be bad such as when they put in too less chlorine and that might make the pool not clean enough to swim in. That’s why today, there’s another technology to help the pool owner or the swimming pool business to deal with this problem by making the water “salty” just like sea water to in turn, kill germs, and sanitize the water in the pool with no chemical involved in the operations.

Salt Chlorinator System

Salt-chlorinator system is the water therapy which is targeted for health and freshness which is environmental friendly. Because water in the pool is the substance that touches the water all the time while swimming, then, water can penetrate to the inner skin the best. The hygiene in the swimming pool is thus the most important thing to care about. At the present, while the technology has moved ahead in an advancement, the pool accessories manufacturer has discovered the new way to treat the water in the pool with salt system or so called “Salt-chlorinator system”. It is the way to clean and sanitize the water without using any chemical using high quality salt.

Salt-chlorinator system will keep the pool and the water within cleaned just like swimming in the sea. From the measurement, once the system has been placed, the water will become salty but the saltiness will be much lesser than the water in the ocean 10 times. Salt-chlorinator system has been developed and found out by the British scientist which has been used in Australia for more than 30 years.

Salt-chlorinator system comes in various brand but the most popular one is Hayward T-Cell 15 replacement cell for Aqua rite Chlorinator because of its size and price with capability to handle large amount of water or simply says with the large pool. The benefit of using T-Cell 15 from Hayward are such as:

  • Easy installation, can be used with new and old pool
  • Minimum electricity use, ease of maintenance
  • Able to filter and clean the water even there’s the swimmer in the pool
  • Create better swimming experiences because there’s no chlorine smell from the water

The advantages of using Salt-chlorinator system

  • Save extra cost on the chlorine chemical which is costly
  • Natural, no harm to eyes, ears, skins, nose, and hair
  • Kill germs and not so salty water is benefit to skin
  • Save time and energy
  • Able to use the swimming pool all the time

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