How to Build Your Mobile Website in 5 Seconds:

Sit Back, Snap Your Fingers, And It’s All Done

transforming website to mobile site in 5 seconds

Many great websites had to move to mobile site in the past few years because the trend of the Tablet Users and the increase in the Smartphone users until today. Having their old website which is not compatible to iOS and Android might be disastrous and the website that doesn’t have mobile version might easily lose their traffic because they don’t want to change. That’s why we can see many popular websites and high hit are changing their laptop, desktop website only to mobile version. However, considering changing the normal website in the full screen to something that the visitors can browse by using fingers to slide when reading and commenting isn’t an easy job. It requires a website overhaul and apparently many of them has to build up the new website theme and functionality. This is a major barrier preventing the site owner not to even look for the mobile site in the first place.

It has been said that smart people is the group of person who’s lazy but clever, many website owners and webmasters have been looking for software, plugin, and other option to transform their website to mobile site every time someone uses tablet and smartphone to browse through their content. And today, we would like to introduce them with the 5 seconds way to transform their site to mobile site with super quick and easy way without having to touch any code in the current one and it is used to present promotions and Dudamobile coupon code in the previous post and we would want to stress this out again in this post.

DudaMobile’s premium mobile subscription plan is ideal for both businesses and professionals alike. With unlimited pages, no limits on the page views, and many more that can help everyone to build their mobile landing page in 5 seconds. The step is to go online at website and enter the site name in and look for the changes Dudamobile engine did to your own site for mobile version. This is simple and quick for those who want to get things done quicker. Try dudamobile today and transform your site in less than a minute and receive discount on your first subscription $10 off on a premium website yearly plan today. Please note that this promotion will remain until April 4th, 2013 only.

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