How to Save 21%-35% at Advanced Medical Certification

Tips and Tricks To Get 3 Certifications at Discount

advanced medical certification coupon

Are you looking for Advanced Medical Certification Coupon Code? Well, if you’re saying yes, then, we can’t do anything except letting you all search here in, but we have to say that there are very few coupon codes for AMC for courses and certifications like BLS, ACLS, and PALS. That’s the reason of this tips and tricks articles. Now, the majority of the customers are those in the health care professions and they would take a look at every way to help themselves to save on any expenses. However, they need to take the course like BLS, ACLS, and PALS and earn medical points or CME or to re-license or to recertificate to support their career. The certification is one thing but saving on getting them is another thing, why do they need to take more expensive exams or tests with the certification that they need to pay more in one website and not another one? This is the logic behind every type of online transactions and that’s why most of the health care professions have found

Just like every companies who are seeking for profit, Advanced Medical Certification is not the not for profit organization and they would like to encourage their customers to take courses, get certified with them as much as possible with so many reasons. The most popular reasons to use its service is that, customers can compare ACLS PALS and BLS courses from other websites and will find out that offer the lowest price with promotions. But today, we know other ways for every healthcare professions and those who are interested in getting certified or recertification for these courses and there are 3 ways to save 21% up to 35% at the website and here is the first way.

The First Way To Save 21%

save 21 for 3 certifications

Take 3 Certifications and Save 21% instantly

Not to confused, every health care professions need to take these courses BLS, ACLS, and PALS. At, getting these 3 together is just like bulk purchase. Getting 3 at the same time can help saving of 21%! Here’s how it works

  • BLS Certification with PDF Study Guides included – Taking this certification alone will cost $99.00
  • ACLS Certification with PDF Study Guides – Taking this course alone will cost $179.00
  • PALS Certification with PDF Study Guides – Taking this course alone will also cost $179.00

Looking at this point, taking the whole certifications of these 3 will be cost at $457.00 which can be considered a huge expense to make. But when the customers take all 3, Advanced medical certification company will reduce the price to $358 with saving of $99.00 or 21% OFF.

BLS for Life, Save For Life

basic life support for life

basic life support for life $199 forever

The Health Care professions know that they need to take the BLS certification every year or we can say recertification. The basic life saving needs to be updated every year because there will be new medical equipment and life support tools coming out on the yearly basis. Taking the BLS course one time for people never have taken the certification before would cost $99.00 and for recertification would cost $69.00. Now, If a person is very much into the health care professions such as nurses, doctors, and lifesavers, they might need to do recertification for about 10 years. So the equation is $99 for the first year and $69 for another 9 years. The cost is about $720, but when we look at the Basic Life Support for Life package at Advanced Medical Certification, it is only $199 for life. We can’t say how much customers would save because it is depended on how many years they plan to take. However, the breakeven point for taking BLS for life is 3 years onward.

35% OFF Group Rate

Doctors, Physicians, Nurses, and other health care professions can save on taking the whole thing at Advanced Medical Certification for 35% easily by just grouping together or call the meeting in their organizations to make group purchase for the group rate at Advanced Medical Certification. The company will be willing to take 35% off from any certification and we are quite certain that they will be getting much more discount than 35% off after the negotiations.

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