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Phone: HTC Droid DNA
Price: $199.99
Contract: 2 Years
Promotion: Discount
Review: 4.5 From

After we had seen HTC Droid DNA by the end of 2012 and we are very excited to say that this smartphone is looking great by its Full HD screen that produces very powerful graphic and image. Everyone and every review websites have been trying really hard to compare this Smartphone to find its match. Now, we have found the match for HTC Droid DNA and they are iPhone 5 and Galaxy Note 2 that have similar use and qualification that we can compare of which aiming to help the readers to decide better for their next Smartphone whenever they want to change it.

Screen Quality

Looking at HTC Droid DNA, the screen quality is one of the best since it comes with FullHD 1080p comparing with iPhone 5 and Note 2. We can actually see the text on screen below with differences.

compare screen resolution iPhone 5 - Lumia - Droid DNA

From the image shown above, Gizmodo has compared the screen resolution by typing text on the screen capturing the screen of it in details. We can really see that, HTC Droid DNA has the best screen resolution comparing to other Smartphone series. However, when fighting head to head with Apple iPhone 5, HTC Droid DNA must gives the way for it in terms of color.

Battery Quality

In battery quality, we have received the information from the review website to compare the battery quality in 3 different points which are the talk time, web browsing, and video playback.
Talk Time
Talk time for HTC Droid DNA is in its average value. It is at 11:07 (see image below) which is considered moderate. What seems to be the best in this category is Motorola RAZR MAXX, but Droid DNA is still doing better job than those Galaxy S2 and S3.

droid dna talk time battery quality

Web Browsing
From the ranking in Talk Time Quality, in Web Browsing qualification, Droid DNA has done a better job at 6:40 which is a bit higher than its ranking in battery test. However, the best web browsing test belongs to iPhone 5 that has the longest hours of which has made Droid DNA fall far behind.

droid dna web browsing battery quality

Video Playback
The winner of Video Playback time belongs to again, RAZR MAXX with 16:35 playback time, and guess what? HTC Droid DNA hangs the last position for battery consumption for Video Playback.

video playback battery quality for droid dna


Droid DNA Promotion at Verizon Wireless

Droid DNA promotion at verizon wireless

Well, if you have read all of the reviews and you still believe that Droid DNA by HTC is a good choice for you over apple and Samsung technology. Then, you should also look at the ongoing promotions at Today, Verizon Wireless is offering customers with “SUPER DISCOUNT” on DROID DNA by HTC from the price $599.99 to $199.99 or about $400 off with 2 years contract but it comes with free shipping. Droid DNA has been rated very high regardless of its inferiority in having battery that can only handle video playback in a very short period of time. If you’re interested in this. Visit Verizon Wireless with link below to see the real promotions.

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