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Saved $350 + $100 on top
Nov 30, 2013 by Anonymous

The best deal ever! but need to go with 2 years contract

Nov 11, 2013 by Anonymous

thanks for the saving tips and tricks, it worked! California Mountain View CA, 94043 USA 4.5 5.0 2 2 The best deal ever! but need to go with 2 years contract

For those have been waiting for HTC One, the newest version One Max for a long time had celebrated real good since the previous months. HTC One Max had officially released sometimes ago and it has been in Sprint ever since. The great feature about Sprint HTC One Max is the super sized screen for 5.9 inches which comes together empowering 1080p IPS screen and it is powered by Snapdragon 600 for 1.7 GHz Quad-core Krait 300 processor which is a super fast chipset. Not only the chipset that powerful, Sprint HTC One Max is being built-in with Adreno 320 graphic card plus 2GB of Ram. Sprint HTC One Max has the same type of camera just like the HTC One the previous version which is the ultra pixel which has 4 mega pixel with the lens location which is perfectly fit for the aluminum case. For those who have been using iPhone in any version and they hate that the battery can’t be removed, swaped, or changed, However, Sprint HTC One Max, the back case can be removed. Now, as for the memory or capacity, Sprint HTC One Max has 16GB standard memory that is compatible with MicroSD card. As for battery, there is a 3300 mAh battery stationed at the back of the smartphone.

For operating system, it couldn’t be something else rather than the Android, Sprint HTC One Max has Android 4.3 jelly bean installed plus HTC sense 5.5. Who says Sprint iPhone 5S is the only smartphone with fingerprint scan function. Sprint HTC One Max is also having scanning function at the back of the smartphone. By this, the fingerprint scanner works in such a way that helps the users to unlock the phone or turn it on with the finger tip slide. The finger print detector or sensor is placed below the camera. However, for sound system, Sprint HTC One Max doesn’t have the beats audio like any other smartphone. Now, when Sprint HTC One Max doesn’t come with beats audio, Sprint HTC One Max has come with Boomsound which is bigger and louder giving more realistic and clearer + louder sound system.

Pros and Cons
Many have already been using Sprint HTC One Max for some months and have found the advantages and disadvantages from the real experiences. However, first off, everyone needs to know that Sprint HTC One Max is the new and improved system of HTC One and HTC One SV the previous version and so, customers might have been putting so much expectations on this smartphone badly. Let’s start with the pros and what we love about. The design of Sprint HTC One Max is perfectly done, the aluminum design has dominated the entire look of this smartphone. It has a completely nice display. It can be said that Sprint HTC One Max has been designed for Sprint as it supports LTE system and we recommend those planning to purchase this with Sprint network since it works together the smartphone HTC One Max and the Sprint network so well. Also, because of the beats audio being got rid of, the boomsound speakers have been replaced and the front speaker has never been this great.  Looking at the good side, Sprint HTC One Max seems not to have any pitfall or disadvantages, however, there are some of them which will be noted here. It is true that the 5 inches over screen display gives us pleasurable moment when watching video clips, seeing photos, and do other task, however, the bigger the heavier. Sprint HTC One Max is much heavier than what we expected and some said that it doesn’t make good use of screen real estate. The screen might not be functioning as good as it should be. However, for overall, Sprint HTC One Max is a great phone which has been named as Phablet (smartphone + Tablet) because of the size and the usage of it. It works great if the users want to use as a mini of mini tablet when watching videos, photos, and do some artworks with this smartphone but they can be able to use to make phone call at the same time. However, for people planning to purchase this because they want to just make phone calls, and we don’t recommend that.