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HTC One SV is just another HTC One Series smartphone from Boostmobile that offers the users with lightning speed of 4GLTE plus with the beats audio giving the users maximum entertainment like no others and never before. With the 4.3 inches screen making it sufficient to browse the website on mobile, take a photo snapshot, and check the image on the Super LCD 2 screen which is the upgrade version of the Super LCD screen. This smartphone is now available in today with the attractive price of $299.99 and the most importantly, it comes with no contract or whatsoever that people hate. Besides, the subscribers can also find Boostmobile promo code to use together with this order and so they can take their chance to get better discount.

htc one SV promotion at boostmobile

HTC One SV is the latest android smartphone from the HTC One Series coming to today. The HTC, smartphone manufacturer which is the leader in design and Smartphone technology has just released the HTC One SV that comes together with one of the best state of art phone plus the latest technology which has made the phone thickness at a very slim scale at 9.2 mm. However, with the slimness like that doesn’t really chance the look and the good point of HTC One SV. Enough said on the introduction, let’s look at the Specification of HTC One SV that has been sold at today.

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HTC One SV is just like other one series and it starts with the 5 mega pixel camera quality plus BSI sensor and imagechip. However, for front facing camera, this Smarphone is still using the 1.6 mega pixel which is still enough for video conference. Now, coming to the display, it could be said that it has become the rules for almost every new smartphone to come out in the market that is, HTC One SV is using Super LCD 2 for 4.3 inches protected by Gorilla Glass 2 and it is powered by Android 4.0.4 which can be upgraded to Jelly Bean later on.

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Now, when we come to the function of this Smartphone, when looking at the phone from the front, the users can see the design of the phone shape that is curved on the 4 corners. From the top of the screen along the way to the button is covered by Gorilla Glass 2 which is really strong for a small phone like this. Now, for the Super LCD 2 which is also equipped in HTC One SV as well, the screen produces more colorful and neat color than the normal super LCD that we see in the older version of Smartphone. However, when compare with the Super Amoled screen on other smartphone, we can say that super amoled screen is giving more natural color than the super LCD one. For the UI or user interface, even though HTC One SV is powered by Android but it is also having its own interface called “HTC Sense UI” and in HTC One SV, it is powered by 4.1 version which is considered one of the best selling point for HTC One at this moment. There has been said that, the HTC sense has been making the phone slowing down very often but in this version for HTC One SV, it has already been improved.

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Cloud Storage

Beside all these function and features, HTC One SV also comes with online Dropbox that works like a the cloud storage allowing the users to keep their file in the cloud for up to 25GB. This service is actually applied other HTC One smartphone and it really helps to keep the personal information, data, image, files, and other important elements from the users to prevent lost whenever the phone is missing or the memory is broken down.

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