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Products: Personalized Children Books
Website: Iseeme.com
Promotions: New Year 2013 Coupon + Valentine’s 2013
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There are many online stores that have delivered us with the new promotion for 2013 since from the early start and one of them is Iseeme.com, the online site that provides personalized books for children with many interesting products that can be purchased as gifts and presents for the new born. Iseeme would like to firstly say happy new year 2013 everyone but saying is just the saying and that’s why Iseeme.com would like to offer customers with the new deals by handing some extra new Iseeme coupon codes for every order plus the new products. Looking at Iseeme.com today, things haven’t changed much and there are 2-3 points to look at such as the site design, customers can see that the color theme is still the same with yellowish color; the pricing ranges are still very attractive such as the A B C what I can be and who loves you personalized books. Right now there are no new products report but we believe that ISEEME.com this year 2013 would definitely have something new for every parents.

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As mentioned last month, I SEE ME is offering all customers 10% off from now through 1/15/13 to celebrate 2013! Customers will receive 10% off all orders with new ISEEME Coupon Code for 2013 during at checkout. Additionally, the new “Who Loves Me” book of the month offer saves customers 15% on the award winning Who Loves Me book and Who Loves Me gift set with another new code at checkout. The book of the month offer for Who Loves Me is good from now through 1/31/13! Below is a link to offer the customers for the Who Loves Me 15% discount offer. Don’t for get the educational and entertaining personalized storybook, “What I Can Be”, another type of personalized books that can be of a guideline for your children to explore all different careers in the alphabet that he or she can be from an Astronaut to a Zookeeper. This works great for family that would like to generate ideas for their kids since from the start and so they can literally choose their career path and what they might love starting young!

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New Deal

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and stpecoupons.com would like to offer another deal perfect for Valentine’s Day available on iseme.com website starting today! The Love is in the Air Personalized Placemat is on sale now for just $11.95. This Valentine’s day could be viewed in different point, teenagers can buy flowers for their loved ones, husband and wife can give gifts to each other, but valentine’s day means giving love, and love can be given in the form of personalized books for kids. That’s the idea of giving your children and babies the gift of I See Me products as gift. Also, this can also be good to offer this type of gift to other family and we assure you that their babies will absolutely be happy as well as their parents!

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