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What do you think of when you think of China? The Great Wall of China, Chinese Dragons, Chinese food? Do you think that you could work and live out there for 5 months and get paid for doing so? We didn’t think so…but i-to-i can get you started and set-up in the country with food, accommodation and a job! Today, we have great announcement from i-to-i about the new job internship for children in China and this can be started with very little effort by just apply for the English jobs, the TEFL courses through i-to-i and start to take available courses to get yourself ready for the job abroad. All of those courses can be found here.

Teaches-English-Jobs.com is having a brand new internship that is fast selling out – Teach young Children in China. This internship is very similar to Teach English in China internships, but with the added security and specialty of teaching young children aged 2 – 6 years old. If you have always thought about teaching abroad, but were a little intimidated by working with older children, then this course and experience would be great for you. All you need is bags of energy, fun ideas to keep the kids entertained and lots of smiles to keep up with the little ones playful nature.

Don’t worry – i-to-i doesn’t just organize the internship and leave you there to fend for yourself. If you are new to i-to-i TEFL (Teach English as a Foreign Language), then we give you all the tools you need to have to teach abroad. 140 hour combined course, expert tutor advice and support with your application form are the initial starting points of getting to China with us. Then if you’re successful in your application, we provide you with a 5 month placement in China, a 5 day orientation in Beijing, food and accommodation, and a monthly allowance for you to get by. We don’t expect you to know Mandarin, so we supply 6 hours of lessons for you to brush up on for general day to day living, and so you can get around when you choose to see some sites.

It has never been easier to gain experience teaching abroad and get paid for doing so. You get to travel and immerse yourself in local culture, as well as live independently in a foreign country. In-country and online support whenever you need it is also available, so don’t feel that you’ll be on your own. We make sure that there is constant support and advice at your disposal. Visa assistance and airport transfers are all part of the service that i-to-i offers, so what are you waiting for? i-to-i has placements available for February 2013, but hurry, places are booking up fast. You MUST register and book by 10th December, or you may miss the opportunity to ‘Teach Young Children in China.

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