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Many’s customers have started with but they are hesitated to make their purchase because they saw the “Promotion Codes & Discounts” box in the shopping cart at after they had decided to go ahead and use services. knows that everyone needs to save more from these video preservation service and that’s why we would like to provide everyone with iMemories promotion codes and coupons in order to help them to save more than they could on all memories preservation services available in the website. The step starting from safe and easy shipping of the memories to receive no-obligation quotes, make selections and organize of the memories along the way to getting the DVDs along with the originals being sent are easy steps. However, the hardest part is to find the way to get extra discount at and we can illustrate the easy tip explained by the image below in entering coupon code for

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There are certain numbers of imemories promotion codes and discount codes but what we have really found are those codes which will help to activate more discount from the website. There are 2 types of coupon code in this case and the first one is the discount coupon code that gives percentage discount at such as 15%, 20%, and more. With this coupon code type, customers can just add in and activate the discount. Another type of coupon code is the dollar amount discount code allowing customers to take away a huge sum of money out from the order such as $100 off and more. Please also keep in mind that these codes issued from are mainly to help the customers to be able to order more or use extra service at the same or similar price. In order to see all available codes, reveal them all.



Whether you’re having your old photos, videos, and voice recordings from any device and it doesn’t matter if you have 8MM film, Super8, 16mm, old rusty photos, Negatives, slides, Betamax, VHS, 8mm cassette tapes, MiniDV, VHS-C, and other types of recordings and you are actively looking for the best ways to preserve and reserve your memories from them. Then, it requires that you have certain knowledge to digitally preserve your memories. Then customizing your videos after preservation is another important job to do as the quality won’t be at the top performance and plus learning all the video editor tools and software like Adobe and cyberlink software could be a difficult job to implement as well. That’s why need a pro or the professional service to help on this task and there can be no one else but, the professional service of magically turning all these vintage materials into a playable form movies, videos, photos, and voice recordings. - Your Home Movies. Now on DVD.

Convert your aging home movies and photos to DVD or Blu-Ray from your closet to your TV screen which is the prime time for family videos. Today, is here to convert all home movie types to digital format on disc by going about from videotapes and movie film reels to elegant DVDs or Blu-Rays with on-screen menus. The company will digitize the vintage videotapes and movie films and so the customers can enjoy and share their memories forever and these preserved videos, audios, and even photos will be displayable on all modern devices such as PC, iPhone, iPad, Android operating tablets and so much more.

How Does it works?

Thinking about model to help preserving those old or vintage video files from the customer’s house, the first thing to think about is the originals, it is a huge and responsive job with necessities to obtain the originals from the customers side and the first thing that the customers need to do from their end is to gather all originals and there are certain steps to accomplish this task with the 7 steps to complete the preservations:

  1. Gather the originals – The customers need to gather the originals as much as they could but with the extra service from, there are no labeling tasks require on their end, put them all into the box and send to imemories company.
  2. Track & Secure – Every media assets will be barcoded with option for the customers to GPS tracking their originals as properties and later on leave the important job to imemories to do the rest of the job.
  3. Convert & Preserve – After all the assets and originals arrived iMemories, then, they will start to do their digitization by converting and digitally preserve at its highest resolutions with video customizations. The originals will be transformed with video and photo enhancements and so it is being handled by pros.
  4. Watch & Share – Not to only keep it to one family, the customers have their options to receive the video streaming and files through once they are all done, then, they can share them on,,, and whatever social network they feel good about.
  5. Make Copies & Back up – For the customer’s side, they might want to make the copy of video files into Blu-Ray, DVDs, CD, thumb drives and whatever storages they want to have. On this step, they can customize their multimedia files using the software they are good with.
  6. Returning Originals –, once finished its preservation process, they will be sending back all of the assets in the completed box with studio quality packaged DVDs, now, customers have their options to store in the shelves or share them online one more time
  7. Add New Memories – the customers can upload their digital videos & photos altogether with sending in new videotapes or media storage device or they can store and share all their memories from one place.

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