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Season of Giving + List of Discount

Product Focused: iPhone 5 Cases, Skin, Screen Protections
Main Promotion: Coupon, Discount Code, Online Only Deal
Event: Halloween 2012, Black Friday, Cyber Monday
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The excitement from getting the new iPhone 5 has not yet gone away and we are now walking toward another excitement with the Halloween Season which is the season of giving. Everyone is looking for gifts to give. Usually, we all know that we are running out of ideas until the iPhone 5 has arrived upon us. For those who owns iPhone 5 right now, it creates wider opportunity for many others who are looking for giving gifts for the iPhone 5 owners. All of us know that, giving gifts to iPhone 5 owners is very easy and it’s considerably the new way of giving. Stepcoupons.com, thus, has gathered all available iPhone 5 cases, cool skins, screen protection products with especially for iPhone 5 only just like we have gathered all Halloween coupons and gift ideas for everyone in the previous post. This includes the entire line of iPhone 5 accessories to be giving out as gift during the coming Halloween Day, Black Friday, and upcoming Cyber Monday in this and the next month. We have now gathered all promotions that iPhone 5 cases and accessories sellers are releasing, forecast what stores are going to launch promotions and collects all iPhone 5 Cases coupon as well as other discounts.

iPhone 5 Cases

BodyGuardz.com – As always, we love to start from anything big first and smaller later. BodyGuardz.com has been the very first to ship out iPhone 5 cases and accessories and it can be said that the company was the first in the line to get iPhone 5 as a prototype in making the case. Once it received the iPhone 5, then the cases production run almost immediately. Right now, Bodyguardz.com has released the new Bodyguardz.com coupon code to help the customers to save by purchasing three or more items at the website and get 30% off on the entire order by using the new coupon code at checkout. This promotion is also to celebrate Halloween, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday. However, we expect there could be a better promotion from Bodyguardz.com real soon.

Updates: October 22nd, 2012: Bodyguardz.com is proud to announce “The Pocket”, the newest leather case for iPhone 5. This new high grain leather wallet case for the iPhone 5 with two convenient pockets for storing a driver’s license and credit cards, Pocket provides the ability to condense those important items into one simple case. The Pocket is available now for $19.95. It is also available as a bundle with Armor™ Carbon Fiber, Armor Rindz, and our Pure™ Glass ScreenGuardz

Slickwarps.com – As mentioned in the previous post that slickwraps.com offer pixel perfect iPhone 5 wrap with color collection, carbon fiber, metal edition, glow in the dark, and wooden collection. Customers can select any of these collections based on their preferences and don’t forget to check slickwraps coupon code page more often. We believe that slickwarp.com is having something going on and we believe that it is going to be promotional discount on Halloween, and Black Friday special. For now, customers can use regular promotion code and with free shipping on order over $40.

Cases.com – This website is the largest iPhone 5 distributor website which has been focused on iPhone 5 cases and accessories based on different brand. If you are looking for places to shop and compare, then cases.com is considered the best. The most popular brands are such as Bodyguardz, Incipio, Otterbox, case-mate, Sonix, Switch easy, and more. Cases.com is also having its promotional campaign to celebrate the upcoming season of giving by offering everyone with cases.com coupon code which will help customers to take 10% – 15% off from their orders. We will update more coupon codes in the next weeks.

Griffin Technology – After we had discussed about Griffin Technology products in the previous promotion, Griffin today has stepped forward to another level of protection and gadget protection plus entertainment technology. Griffin has co-operated with Crayola to introduce the next generation of digital art with the new digital tools, this will also apply with the new iPhone 5 case. However, at this moment the new technology has not been applied to iPhone 5 yet but we believe that it is going to be in the near future. Recently, Griffin Technology has released the new promotion for iPhone 5 cases as well as accessories such as discount on Survivor case, the military duty case for iPhone 5, customers can look at iPhone 5 Griffin Products Page here in stepcoupons.com as well as to get extra discount.

Updates: Griffin Technology has iPhone 5 cases in stock! Available in an array of colors with free shipping on $30 or more.

Skinit.com – we can say that it’s the cutest iPhone 5 case at this moment with the cartoon and animated cases to choose from. Apparently, all cases are built with similar materials but with the option to customize the graphic on the back, the side, and the front of the cases making it looks more interesting. Customers can choose all available graphic such as sports, art, humorous, colors and patterns and ask skinit to ship directly to them as a personalized iPhone 5 case. Buying Skinit iPhone case with discount is also eligible to do so, Visit Skinit coupon center for more information.  Recent News, Skinit has released a new coupon code to celebrate the American Election Date, customers can choose whether they want to be democratic or republican and save 25% off on their order.

October 22nd 2012 Updates: Skinit.com has released the new coupon code for end of fall season to celebrate and welcome winter breeze. This new code is said to be for fall foliage skin, however, we also believe that this code can activate many products at the site such as cases and covers as well as skins.

Groupon Goods – For this week, we see the new release of the iPhone 5 Cases on deal at Groupon.com. Groupon.com has updated the new deal with iPhone 5 case by Joy factory. The case is built in plastic in different colors and it’s suitable for those who doesn’t care much about the iPhone 5 in popular brands and so they can get as many color as they like. Our recommendation is to purchase one color for one day. Such as monday – yellow, tuesday – pink, wednesday – green, and so on. Visit Groupon.com page for this deal.

iPhone 5 Screen Protection

Wrapsol.com – Starting with Wrapsol.com who’s the very first to introduce the anti scratch film which is proven working great. Wrapsol has not yet release any new Wrapsol coupon code for the holiday promotion at this moment, but we can ensure you all that, we have a feeling that it’s going to be here soon.

Zagg.com – A competing line head to head with Wrapsol for such a long time. Today, Zagg or invisible shield has proven their will and technologies to offer customers with total of 4 invisible shield screen protector family. Starting from high definition film that is just like the glass surface, the extreme family to prevent the breakage and protect the screen from shock, the original series with military grade scratch protection, and the bottom line smudge proof protection to prevent the screen from the fingerprints. Zagg.com would also like to celebrate Halloween and shopping season like black Friday and cyber Monday too and that’s why we can see various Zagg discount codes available in stepcoupons.com.

Bodyguardz Screen Protector – Bodyguardz.com is also offering the screenguardz series for iPhone 5 users with the same discount promotion just like the cases. There are many different series of screen guard such as the ultratough, Antiglare fingerprint, Privacy, Classic clear, and glass screen protector. Customers can buy 3 and get 30% off.

iPhone 5 Accessories

Sprint.com – It’s is the very first website to recommend for iPhone 5 users, to get its accessories. Because customers can just start purchasing iPhone 5 and they can get accessories at the same time at sprint.com after they have selected the Sprint Phone Plan. The accessories are rather cheaper than any other sites because Sprint has a large stock for it making the price goes down. We have not yet received any report from the company about the new promotion according to the holiday seasons

Verizon Wireless – A competing website of Sprint.com and it also offers the new subscribers as well as the current customers with one stop service on iPhone 5 accessories. We have the latest news that Verizon releases new Verizon Wireless promo code for everyone to save on accessories, visit Verizonwireless.com today for more information

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