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On this page, readers will find out about the latest iPhone 6 rumors, news, and updates that the readers can follow. We have added in some special iPhone 6 design from everyone’s imagination and from the popular website. The news has been from apple.com mentioning about the opening of the new iPhone 6 that is most probably be available to see the design during the mid 2013 this year. This news has been from the new iOS 7 testing together with hardware testing.

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The iOS 7 testing news was being released by “The Next Web” since the starting of the year January 1st, 2013 from iOS App Store tracing the iOS 7 test traces which will also be used on the new apple products which could be iPhone 6 or iPhone 5S. By this, the IP of the tested apple products was coming from an office in Cupertino, California.

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However, even though there have not been any formal news and official design of how iPhone 6 is going to look like, we have received numbers of rumors about the new iPhone 6 design from various websites based on each person imaginations. For example, Antoine Brieux was the person who had designed the new iPhone 6 mock up image from his own ideas and imagination moving the home button to the side of the phone. This might be from the believe and rationale that, the home button would usually be the first button to get broken down, and there might be no need for home button for iPhone 6.

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Another idea is from Federico Kikkares, CiccaresDesign that sync between the latest design of iPod Nano with the iPhone 6 in his imagination. We can say that hi idea is great and the main materials should be the aluminum alloy

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