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It’s J Peterman and it’s been in clothing business since 1987 by John Peterman ( that’s why the website is named as jpeterman.com ).  J Peter man company and its clothing is originally offering distinctive lifestyle clothing and apparel for both male and female.  Not only the clothing and apparel business that Jpeterman is offering, it is also having the parallel product line which is those retro and classic home accessories and product for travel such as luggage and bags.  J Peterman company and its website Jpeterman.com is aware of the competition in the world of online shopping and thus it’s also providing customers with Jpeterman coupon code and J Peterman promotional code to get more discount for the customers to help them to be able to shop more of Jpeterman items and also for those who wants to do shopping only small number of items but still want to save.  Now, Jpeterman coupon can be used to get discount for all of the category in the website such as by Department category that includes men, women, one of a kind, luggage  & bags, and even for the discounted category which is called ” Last Chance “.  The coupon codes and promo code is also workable with collections category such as by seasonal collections which are summer collections, and owner manual 87.

J Peterman Coupon Code ( Free Shipping + 10% – 16% OFF )

As mentioned, Jpeterman.com is completely aware of the benefits in providing coupon codes, discount code, and free shipping coupon for the customers.  The coupon codes will encourage people to buy more together with getting more saving from the site while Jpeterman is also feeling great that the customers are happy with their purchase.  Jpeterman was firstly launched its very first coupon code and stepcoupons.com found it about 2 years ago or around the year 2009.  At that time, the coupon code was not very popular among the online shoppers just yet.  The very first coupon code helped the customers to save 10% off on a very small order and it was as small as $50.  However, that was not the only coupon that was issued by Jpeterman.com.  There are more coupon codes such as to take 20% off order, 23% off clothing items ( already expired, but considered as the highest discount code ever appear to public ).  There were the time that Jpeterman issued 18%, 17%, 15% coupon codes and that even helps the customer to shop even happier in the site.  These coupon codes that are originally issued by Jpeterman can also help to save on the items that are already on sale or discounted in site but whatever coupon codes that are issued online will only be used online only and cannot be redeemed at the store.  To see all J peterman coupon code, reveal all of them below.




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Up to 60% off Last Chance Dept.

Other Promotion at Jpeterman.com

Sometimes, coupon code will only works when it’s not expired.  Coupon codes can be expired or unable to apply to get discount or free shipping for various reasons.  Jpeterman.com might set an expiry date on the code from time to time, the site might be in the process of launching the new code and is probably waiting for the new season or new lot of clothing trend to come up before going for promotional discount.  This is the reason why we should find other promotion on site for Jpeterman.com when the coupon codes above are not working.   Jpeterman.com has its several promotions on site and the the most beneficial to the new customers is that they can get 16% off all items without using any code.  It’s the condition that, the person who is eligible to receive this discount must be a new customer only.  Seasonal promotion is another promotion that Jpeterman has arranged very often.  This is usually when we’re crossing to another season such as winter to summer, the products in the site will be sale with sometimes up to 40% off.  Other than this, there are some small promotions that is, every week, J peterman will put up a single product featuring on the front page and make it on sale.  Hence, if anyone is interested, they can go and monitor the front page of J peterman to get the best deal every week.

Using Coupon at Jpeterman.com

Using Jpeterman coupon code and promotional code is very easy at Jpeterman.com.   The customers who wish to get free shipping or discount must enter the active code to the shopping bag ( so called “bag” ) in the site before checkout.  See steps below for a good walkthrough on how to get discount.

Step 1:  Reveal Coupon Link Above to see coupon

Customers will be landed on the first page of Jpeterman.com as well as seeing all active coupon codes.  Look around and select product category that they want the most.

Step 2: Select the product in the category

Customers must select any product in the website as well as choosing the correct size and color.  Jpeterman is also providing the alterations for the apparel section as well.  Once completed, click add to bag button under the size panel

Step 3 : Review Bag

Once clicked on add to bag, there should be a product summary pops up at the top of the page.  Go to Review Bag to use coupon and promotional code

Step 4 : Enter Coupon / Promotional Code

In this step, customers might be confused of the coupon and promotional code obtained from stepcoupons.com.  Sometimes, the customer will see the message ” no more coupon promotional code is accepted “.  This is because, stepcoupons.com is providing the customers with promotional links ( click to reveal coupon button ) and the discount from promotional link is sometimes would give more discount than coupon code.  This depends on the customer judgement, if the promotional discount from using the link yield more discount, just go for it, but if the discount is lower, try to remove the existing promotion from the bag and apply the coupon code from stepcoupons.com

About J peterman Company

The J. Peterman Company has been traveling the world to find uncommonly good stuff for over 23 years. The company offer the high-quality merchandise that they’ve found for sale through the Owner’s Manual catalogs and Jpeterman.com website, each product illustrated by hand-drawn art – with entertaining and factual stories. The company selection of merchandise is constantly changing, and it focuses on its creative energy on women’s and men’s apparel and accessories, one-of-a-kind merchandise and luggage & bags.

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