January: National Hot Tea & Coffee Month

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National Hot Tea Month from CNN

It’s the national hot tea and coffee month in the United States on January every year and it seems to us that this is going to be ongoing for every year. The reason for hot coffee and tea month might be because, the winter is usually longer during January along the way to March every year and people need something hot to drink to keep warm. Better than alcohol, hot tea and coffee gives refreshment and energy during the day. Hot coffee and tea can always help a person who’s feeling asleep to come back and get active again. Now, normally, people won’t go out from their places much during winter time because it is freezing cold out, that’s why we would also recommend to purchase coffee and tea from online stores as it is the most convenience way to get good tea and coffee. Makin your own hot tea and coffee during winter time will also give people enjoyable time with their family and especially during the weekends. That’s why today, Stepcoupons.com is having various promotions from numbers of coffee stores to help everyone to decide better on what to purchase and what’s hot right now beside the coffee!

Hot Coffee Promotions!

hot coffee month january 2013

Coffee Wholesale USA – Starting with CW-USA.com, Every week, Coffee Wholesale USA offers terrific coupons for the customers and especially during this New Year season Happy New Year! It’s a new year and a new flavor! Customers can try and taste the new best sellers from the store with all day gourmet coffee by classic American Roast, Bunn My Café MC Home Single Serve Pod Brewer, Starbucks Coffee with house blend in pillow pack, or coffee people K-cups with extra bold jet fuel. Not only the new bestsellers from CW-USA.com, customers can see the newest promotions by using coupon codes that will help them to save from 5% off up to 20% off coffee pod instantly. These coupon codes can be found below.

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Café Britt – Cafebritt.com has actually been releasing its New Year Promotions since the end of 2012 and the name of the promotion was end of year sale of which customers can save up to $50 plus free shipping on various products, customers can also check Cafebritt promo code for more deals and promotions at stepcoupons.com as well. There are also new offers as followed:

  • 20 gourmet special Mix and match 20 products Special Price of $149 + Free Shipping
  • 25 gourmet delights Mix and match 25 products Special Price of $185 + Free Shipping
  • 10 gourmet delights Mix and match 10 products Special Price of $85 + Free Shipping
  • 15 gourmet delights Mix and match 15 products Special Price of $125 + Free Shipping

Peets.com – Peets is actually a distributor for both tea and coffee and what we would recommend buying from Peets.com during this national hot tea and coffee month is the Sumatra Batak and Aged Sumatra Peaberry. Two distinctive, limited availability Sumatra coffees that cannot be found easily. Today, customers can enjoy Sumatra coffee and discover why it is one of the most favorite coffee origins. This is only available for 3 roasts from Jan 2nd, 9th, and 16th. Click Here to learn more.

Coffeeforless.com – If you are just looking for some standard coffee beans and not the strange brands that you might have never heard before. Then, it is time to visit coffeeforless.com. In this website, customers can find keurig k cups, coffee pods, tea, and ground coffee to choose from with various coupon codes to use to get special discount on every orders. Today, customers can also get 5% off plus free shipping at Coffeeforless.com by using coupon code. See code below for more information.
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Hot Tea

january is national hot tea and coffee month

mightyleaf.com – It is the website which is very hard to find because it is the only site that specialized in one product type which is tea. In this website, customers can find tea pouches, loose tea, iced tea, teaware, and other products related to tea. The great thing about Mightyleaf.com is that, the website provides the original artisan designed whole leaf pouch to drink in the moment. By this, customers can visit more promotional page in order to welcome 2013 national hot tea month here.

Adagio.com – is the website that provide fancy tea color for everyone to shop from. Customers can choose tea based on their preferences whether they love black, flavors, chai, oolong, white, green ,herbal, rooibos, decaf, masters, blooms, and many more like iced tea. One thing about Adagio.com is that, customers can also subscribe and become member of tea of the month clubs to celebrate the national hot tea month of January 2013. By this, customers can also receive extra discount of up to 15% off on each package regardless the number of months. Besides, all orders from adagio.com is qualified for free shipping.  Visit ADAGIO.COM for 15% OFF Here.

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