Last Chance for Winter Getaway Sales: Go Card

15% off + Free in City Pick Up

Today marks the last day of February and all of the readers’ last chance to save on their winter getaway! The Smart Destinations Winter Getaway Sale offers one more opportunity to save on winter escapes before March is upon us. would like to help every readers to save on their last-minute travel plans while getting great pricing for all go cards and save huge. Don’t forget about the latest promotions from in the form of promotion code since is offering every customers with the “free in city pickup” service that will help them to get the go card easier than before.

go card winter getaway sales 2013

Now, is also offering to go select package for pre-selected popular attractions with outstanding offer of 25% discount. Many customers do not know about the Go select package just yet and we can simply say that it is a selectable tourist attractions such as museum and popular tourist spots that they can just choose from. For go select package, customers can just choose among the available cities in in order to visit the city that they like. However, if the customers are not interested in the Go Select Card Package, they can also look for family fun pass and must do city pass of which combined only the point of interest for the family to visit. This is especially the must do city pass, everyone can just disregard the not-so-important tourist posts but focus on the best one. Another interesting pass is the museum pass that allows the students or family to have educative trip to the museum only in the selected city. This means that they don’t have to be distracted to other point in the area.

Besides, Smart Destinations is also offering a bonus package. For those who purchase today, they can get to keep the go card for 30 days as the new offering. Because only a week or two might not be enough for everyone to enjoy their sightseeing since they only have got the weekends for 2 days each week. That’s why a 30 day or one month period sounds much more interesting in this case. All of these promotions that we have mentioned about are those Winter Getaway Sales that customers can take advantage of for the last day tomorrow. Don’t let this great opportunity goes without grabbing anything since we can guarantee that this is one of the best deal from and there might not be something like this in the future.

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