Latest Blue Man Group Ticket Aug-Nov 2013

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Effective immediately, the Blue Man Group ticket agent at will be offering 30% off tickets on Las Vegas shows running from now until August 19th and 40% off tickets for shows running from August 20th to November 24th. This deal is for all Blue Man Group special short term promotion. This is one of the best deals that will be offered for Blue Man Group Las Vegas. This will provide a big shot in the arm for the ticket during the summer, which is one of the best times of the year for hanging out and see something new. The company has mentioned that they can’t imagine why anyone would go there during the summer. It was 118º a couple of weeks ago and of course people should be out when the weather gets more chilled.

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summer cheat sheet from scorebig 2013

summer cheat sheet from scorebig for July 2013

It is so happen that is also carrying Blue Man Group Tickets on their new promotion “Summer Cheat Sheet”. There is a list of event which is a must see this summer and the company did this work for everyone so no one would ever have to do. The summer cheat sheet also includes Dodgers, Taylor Swift, Angels, Blue Man Group, Galaxy, New Kids On The Block, USC Trojans Football, Los Angeles Philharmonic, Sparks, Club Deportivo Chivas USA, Phish Tickets and more.

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