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Amusement Park or Theme Park is the place where we feel good about and we would like to go to when we were so young. Remembering parents taking us there and that was one of the greatest experiences to remember. Kids both boys and girls love theme park especially with the rides that they can have fun with, the water park that they can enjoy the water splash, as well as snacks, foods, and drinks that they can have unlimited. In United States, the most famous fun park or theme park that is known country wide and this theme park chain is located all over the country and it is Six Flags Amusement Park, but when we are here in UK, one of the most famous fun park to get some rides for kids is the LegoLand Theme Park or they call it Legoland Windsor Resort. The idea of having this theme park is just like Six Flags because the aim is to offer fun and unforgettable experiences to the kids. There are many rides in Legoland Holiday Windsor Resort that both adults and kids can have fun with. The activities in there are such the rides for bigger kids starting from Viking’s River Splash, The Exploratorium, The Dragon and much more that we can see the list below.

Ride NamesRides For Bigger KidsRides With RestrictionsFun For All
Vikings' River SplashX
The DragonX
Pirate Falls Dynamite DrenchX
Driving SchoolX
The ExploratoriumX
Longboat InvaderX
Spinning SpiderX
Dragon's ApprenticeX
Knight's QuestX
Jolly RockerX
Laser RaidersX
Thunder BlazerX
Climbing WallX
Squid SurferX
Dino SafariX
Fire AcademyX
Chopper SquadronX
Extreme Team ChallengeX
Sky RiderX
Space TowerX
Lego Star Wars Miniland ExperienceX
Hill TrainX
LOki's LabyrinthX
Pirate Training CampX
Enchanted ForestX
Pirate GoldwashX
Desert ChaseX
Aero NomadX
Xbox 360 Gaming ZoneX
Orient ExpeditionX
Pirates of Skeleton Bay Stunt ShowX
Remote Control TrucksX
Digger ChallengesX
Atlantis Submarine VoyageX
Boating SchoolX
Balloon SchoolX
Fairy Tale BrookX
Water WorksX
DUPLO Theatre Puppet ShowX
DUPLO PlaytownX
MOle In 1 Adventure GolfX
Imagination TheatreX
Build and Test WorkshopsX
Remote Control BoatsX


Buying Legoland Pass and Options

Of course, every theme park requires the customers and visitors to purchase passes just like paying for the entrance fees. Buying passes for a theme park like Legoland Windsor Resort is much easier today than in the past when we had to queue up in the line in front of the park and waiting very impatiently for our turn to purchase the ticket when the park is just right in front of us but something we can’t reach! Today, buying passes at is very easy because all of the pass types are in online transactions and that we don’t need to be worried about the line and the waiting time. Legoland passes are very easy to purchase by just visiting to select the pass that match your need the most. However, before going right to the booking point, we need to understand the principle and the basic of pass booking of Legoland pass and the pricing as well as the types of pass so that we can maximize our budget on park visiting each time. There are 2 main types of Legoland Pass for UK Park and the first one is the Legoland pass which are separated into premium pass and lifetime pass. This pass type is the annual pass and there are some discount offers online for all of the customers. The other type of pass is the Merlin pass that are available in standard pass and premium pass. There are some descriptions below and so customers can study before going for the pass
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Pass Type
Annual Pass
Saving Percentage
Premium Pass
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Lifetime Pass
Best Choice
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Merlin Standard Pass
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Merlin Premium Pass
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Booking the Resort Hotel at Legoland

An Unforgettable adventure that families and kids can find at this resort hotel nearby the park, staying overnight at the new LEGOLAND Windsor Resort Hotel is a must for all LEGO fans. From the spectacular dragon-guarded entrance and interactive LEGO features through to the brightly coloured pirate splash pool and fully themed bedrooms, Winsor Resort Hotel new hotel will inspire imaginations and create laugh-out loud memories. With dedicated indoor play areas, entertainment and a buffet style restaurant serving child friendly meals and this is the perfect family treat. Family who wants to have their good time with their children to the extreme is a must to stay in this resort. Imagine waking up in the next morning with the theme park just a few steps away from the bed would create the greatest feeling for your kids of all time. However, there are still many hotels surrounded for the customers to choose from per the table below.

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Fun Spot Attractions

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