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Phoenix Down Dream Lover Pillow On Sales

Phoenix Down Dream Lover Pillow

If you used to be in the Four Seasons Hotel and you should all know that they are the hotel chains that have the best bedding in the world. Starting with comfy bed and other bedding accessories such as down pillows, side pillows, covers, and blanket (not to mention the good night message they left on the bed in the evening time). Most of the time staying in the 5 stars hotel like this could give us super comfort feeling especially with the bed and usually we want to have that kind of bed in our home. For some reasons, we believe that those bedding products could be very expensive but today we want to let the readers know that they might be wrong because is now arranging the bedding promotion on Phoenix Down Dream lover pillows which is on sales by using Pacific Pillows promotional code with more details below:

The weekend is upon us and hopefully a little R&R is coming our way. Help your visitors enjoy their weekends with the comfort and luxury of pillows and bedding from For 2 DAYS ONLY, everyone can get 48% Off the Phoenix Down Dream Lover Pillow as featured in many Four Seasons Resorts. Filled with premium 100% blown polyester fiber, the Phoenix Down has 100% Polyester Fiber designed to mimic the look and feel of a natural down/feather pillow nearly identically. Covered in fine, 230 thread count cotton, this pillow affords guests of the Four Seasons Hotel a luxuriously soft and comfortable, yet allergy free sleep experience. This luxury pillow contains polyester fiber fill and offers medium feel support without sacrificing the plush softness typically only found in a down pillow.


This promotion coming from is with limited time and it should be used starting from today up until March 10th, 2013. Of course this is 2 days sales only and we are not sure if Pacificpillows will extend the promotion any longer. The 48% off Phoenix Down Dream Lover Pillow is a great item, it makes you feel like really staying in the 5 stars hotel like the Four Seasons and most importantly, it help a person to falls into deeper sleep to restore their energy during the night time. This promotion is great in 2 different point of view, the first one is that, the promotion arrives the customers right after the tax season has passed and customers are having more buying power to purchase these pillows, another point of view is that, the 2 days promotion seems to be a bit to rush for everyone, but if the duration is going to be longer than this, the promotion might not be called “Special”

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