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Magic Mountain Promo

Six Flags Magic Mountain is one of the park that was not orignially a Six Flags theme park. It was firstly named as “Magic Mountain” and was being taken over by Six Flags during 1979 and the name has changed by adding Six Flags Brand in front as “Six Flags Magic Mountain” in the present day. It’s the only Six Flags theme park chain that is being authorized to use Looney Toon logo ( the bunny ) together with Six Flags Logo. Six Flags Magic Mountain is also the one that has its major part in the roller coaster development and revolution as there have been new roller coasters and rides for the customers to try having a ride on. Now, has also been releasing Six Flags Promo Code and some Magic Mountain promo code and coupon code for the customers to save more online purchasing passes, one day ticket, flash passes, and more by checking out through Customers can enjoy over 40 rides visiting Magic Mountain alone. These rides are located in 10 locations all around Six Flags Magic Mountain.



Cyclone Bay

Starting with Cyclone Bay area. Visitors can enjoy 5 rides starting from the Apocalypse, the wooden coaster of which has been rated as the highest thrill level. The Cyclone 500– one of the mildest ride ( looks like Go kart ride ) where children and the youngers can enjoy riding on it. The Deja Vu–the backward and forward swinging rides that will give moderate thrills to the riders. Jet Stream– the ride that just like water splash where riders will be speeding through the 6 story plunge finale.

DC Universe

The DC universe area is the area that visitors can find 4 rides to go along with. Batman the ride is the feature ride of this area, rider will be sitting on the safety basket like seat with their legs hanging down, with the state of art technology making this ride the most extreme thrill ride in the area. The green Lantern – This ride has just opened this year 2011, it is the first vertical spinning coaster in the USA with the maximum height. Riders will be seated on both side of the ride and be spinned. The flash speed force– May the force be with the ride. Riders will be taken to the spin on the metal whirling circle, this gives a moderate thrill for the riders. Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth–the shape of this ride is looking very much like the spinning bowl that will spin you around with 45 degree angle.

Colossus County Fair

The ride’s name in the area is pretty much like the name of the ancient greek. It’s probably be named like this because of the look and feel of the rides themselves. Starting off with Buccaneer–The ride looks like a pirate ship, but the different is it’s not in the river and it’s a swinging and hanging pirate ship which gives moderate thrill to the riders. The Colossus–The ride that will also gives the riders a moderate thrill feeling. With the giant ride together with dual track with the wooden coaster. The Goliath–Now it comes to the real deal. The Goliath would probably gives the rider the most thrill from the rest of the rides in Colossus County Fair, the riders will be taken to 26 stories height from the ground and will be dropped through the rail down with over 89 miles per hour speed, this ride is being sponsored by SNICKERS and it’s one of the world’s fastest coaster. The Scream Ride–By its name, riders will probabbly be aware of what they’re going to get with 65 miles per hour and there’s no ground to stand would give them 10/10 thrill feeling. SwashBuckler–A moderate thrill ride with no gravity spinning swing set.

Bugs Bunny World

This area is considered to have the largest number of rides in Magic Mountain. The main target riders are children and family and it does not give that much thrill but to enjoy the ride together with the family members. Starting with The Canyon Blaste–is the type of coaster that designed for everyone. Daffy’s Adventure Tours–The little cute bus that will go swinging which gives very little thrill. Elmer’s Weather Balloons–Sitting in the Balloon is boring. Foghorn Leghorn’s Barn and Railway–Kids will be sitting on the train and they can take the ride alone. Merrie Melodies Carousel–riding on the horses and spinning around. PEPE LE PEW’s Tea Party–Family and children will be sit on the seat that looks like tea cup. Road Runner Express–This ride is a new ride that has just opened a while ago, it gives moderate thrill on the steel coaster with 679 feet long and 28 feet up hill but with only 21 miles per hour speed only, and 16 riders can be seated at one time. SYLVESTER’s Pounce and Bounce–It’s a up and down ride for children creates laughter but no thrill. TAZ’s Trucking Co.–This is a truck look alike ride that can be driving around. The LOONEY TUNES lodge–It’s the fun and meeting zone for kids with various sliders. TWEETY’s Escape–This ride is only for children that is in the Tweety cage watching out the Sylvester. YOSEMITE SAM’s Flight School– The moving around plane look alike that children can be seated with lifing up and going down plane creates fun for children.

The Movies District

There are a total of 4 moderate thrill rides and 1 MAX thrill ride in the Movies District. The first one is the goldrusher–It’s the kind of dip dives, twist on the metail rail roller coaster. Sandblasters–Is the kind of rides that will be controlled by each individual adults, people will ride their own ride and will be bumped to each other, it’s fun to play around with. Scrambler–a small Twirl, Twist, and spin. Riders will be spinning and rotating around at the same time. The Riddler’s Revenge–It’s the world’s tallest stand up roller coaster which has no place to sit ( normally, we will usually ride on a sit-down coaster ). Tidal Wave–It’s water splash again, rider will be cruising along the tidy canal and will be dropped at 50 feet tall waterfall.

Six Flags Plaza

There’s only one ride call “Grand Carousel” at Six Flags Plaza. It makes adults to think about the old time with nostalgic ride with classic decoration.

High Sierra Territory

There’s also only one ride at High Sierra Territory which is Log Jammer. This ride gives only mild thrill ( or no thrill at all ) for the riders to splash in the water and get wet

Samurai Summit

There are 2 moderate thrill rides and 1 max thrill at this Samurai Summit area. This area’s rides will make the riders feel the power of ninja. The first ride is The Ninja in which the riders will be sitting in the seat attached downward from the steel coaster rails. The SUPERMAN : the escape has been changed to the SUPERMAN : Escape from Krypton— This ride is a cool ride which will pull the riders up with 100 miles per hour speed to the next level as well as reversing the direction. Tatsu–the most extreme ride which gives the max thrill for the rider. People will be flew with the exact speed that makes them fear and it’s the longest flying coaster on earth which is being sponsored by Stride Gum.

Baja Ridge

All of the rides in Baja Ridge will give extreme thrill. The first one is the revolution, it’s the first looping coaster ever made for mankind which gives moderate thrill. Viper–It’s the flying maze, riders will be riding through the coil of viper and experiencing 7 head over heels inversion. The X2–Thisis one of the most famous ride for Six Flags, the ride was being given its name because it moves X from the 4th dimension ot the 5th as it transforms into X2

Rapids Camp Crossing

There are 2 interesting rides in Rapids Camp crossing area which are Roar Rapids, travel through the gran canyon with the circle shaped ride that about 10 riders can be seated on, everyone will get wet afterward. Sky Tower–It’s Six Flags landmark and everyone will be seeing this far ahead even before entering Six Flags gate, it’s an obseration tower that everyone can go see.

Instructions to use Discovery Kingdom Promo Code

These are the steps to use six flags promo code at Discovery Kingdom Park – Vallejo

Step 1 : Reveal Six Flags promo code

You’ll be redirected to page as well as seeing the promo code for sixflags

Step 2 : Enter Promo Code

In this step, there’s no need to select the park just yet, wait for the next step to select the park near you or the park where you’re going to go to.

Step 3 : Select the park near you.

On this page, you can use the drop down box so that you can see all parks available for purchasing pass online. Try to look carefully as the letter name is sometimes look very tidy and you may mistakenly select the wrong park.

Step 4 : Select Six Flags Product

On this page, you’ll find many Six Flags products, such as season pass, tickets, flash pass, family pass, daily tickets and much more. Do not be overwhelmed by these options, just go for the one that you want the most.

Step 5 : Select Six Flags Promotion

Once the product is being chosen from you, follow a few steps in the purchase procedure and arrive at the promotion page of six flags. On this page, you’ll find what the promo code would give you. For example, one-day admission theme park + safari, Cold Stone one-day general use admission for $34.99.

Step 6 : Review your shopping cart

You need to review your shopping card and double check it as you might never know if you’ve missed something or getting of what you don’t need in extra and will end up paying more.

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