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Products: Electric Snow Shovel
Review: Easy to use, Energy Saving, Injury Saving, Powerful
Promotion: 30 Day Guarantee, Pay Later, 2 Year Warranty
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It is one of the most powerful Electric shovel for snow up to date and it can discharge snow with up to 20 feet in distance by spinning up to 2600 RPM powered by 120v AC, 60 Hz, 8 Amp motor. It also comes with lightweight feature which is very easy to carry and operate and it is Mantis Electric Snow Shovel from There are many elements and features that have made up this well-known brand for electric snow shovel from mantis and it starts from the trigger handle at the top, auxillary handle with lock knobs for safety, now looking down to the button, Mantis Electric Snow Shovel comprises of 4 important feature starting from Ample throw distance, great snow throwing performance, belt drive mechanism, and high impact polyethylene scraper.

Mantis Electric Snow Shovel has actually been developed based on Mantis Electric Tiller based and it is very easy to use just like vacuuming the carpet. Customers can also find this opportunity to purchase mantis electric snow shovel with promotional discount starting from the free shipping promotion that would usually offer for the customers. 30 Days money back guarantee does a huge impact on the decision of every buyers and 2 years warranty can help to assure that if there’s any problem with the machine, it will always be in warrant. Customers can also check out Mantis Key Code, coupon code, and promotional code, by visiting as well.



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Deadly Problem Comes With Snow Shoveling

When we are in the Winter time every year and we would usually think about snow. Snow comes together with problems in transportation and as well as the climate change problem. When there are heavy snow storm, what usually happen is people need to stay inside of the house because it is too dangerous to go out during the heavy storm. Now, right after the storm, people still can’t go out because of the thick snow blocking the road and even the foot path. The silent and deadly problem that snow storms always bring is not only the temperature and the road blockage only, but it comes with health problem that can make people injured each year! This sounds impossible for people to get injured because of snow and it is not that walking on the street or sitting in the house and get injured by the light weighted snow ball but it is all about Snow Shoveling. When the snow in the front yard is too high, people usually go out and shovel them each day to clear the way and walk path.

Snow Shoveling Injury Record

According to the American Journal of Emergency Medicine which had conducted studies for 17 years of study has shown that health problem will always come with snow shoveling for people such as back pain, broken bones, physical injuries, and heart problem. The finding from this journal shows that there were 195,000 people that were sent to medical care center or emergency rooms because of snow shoveling. There are many symptom and condition of the patient who had problem after the shoveling such as:

  • Overusing the muscle, slippery floor, accident during the shoveling are the most common cause of the injury
  • Muscle Mishaps by overusing the muscle and shovel in the incorrect positio
  • Bone Fracture caused by the equipment and tools
  • Heart problem is the 100% cause of death from snow shoveling

Now is the time to change from normal snow shovel from using manual shovel to somewhat that can work for us all with the least effort in overusing too much muscle to stay away from heart problem. The snow shovel and other type of shovels have not changed much starting years ago. The temperature and the environment of snow shoveling has made snow shoveling more dangerous. Many shovel manufacturers are inexpensive but the quality and grip are also inferior, heavy, and inappropriate to use. That’s why we would like everyone to consider Mantis Electric Snow Shovel as another option to get rid of the snow with the electric shovel powered by Mantis.

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