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marie osmond wise food storage

Wise Company Welcome Marie Osmond on Board

Have you heard the good news? Marie Osmond, the youngest female artist to have her debut record go to #1 on the charts, Season 5 Dancing with the Stars winner, author of Postpartum Depression, Behind the Smile, actress, doll designer, and a member of the show business family The Osmonds, has joined forces with Wise Food Storage  and wise food discount code.  She has now become a wise woman and Wise food storage has announced its partnership with marie Osmond to celebrate that the company is offering special packages on America’s leading emergency food.  No need to compare food storage no more, In the emergency situation, the store shelf can be empty in minutes and hours and the problem is how do you feed your family? Marie Osmond has prepared for this and she prepared wise food storage for her family right now. It is very easy to prepare with up to 25 years shelf life. Just don’t wait until it’s too late and be wiser and get ready with wise company long term food storage. The wise food comes in different kit such as Ultimate kit, deluxe kit, premier kit, and basic kit that you can save from $100 up to $460 on each packages. While you never know what life might bring, preparing your family is something you can control. For a busy mom like Marie Osmond, it’s easy and wise.

limited time offer wise food storage

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Love Marie Osmond
Oct 12, 2013 by Anonymous

She's great and wise and so should the food!

Saved $100
Oct 12, 2013 by Anonymous

Bought basic food supply and saved California Mountain View CA, 94043 USA 4.5 5.0 2 2 She's great and wise and so should the food!


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10 Good Reasons to be Food Secure

wise woman wise food storage

  • Things happen. Earthquakes, trucker strikes, Hurricanes attack, we would never know; in an instant, our world could change. We all should be getting ready for whatever coming toward us.
  • It can be difficult for low-income families to afford high quality food.  Fortunately, it costs little to grow nutritious food so having a safe food source nearby (like your own back yard) is a great equalizer.
  • The World Economy. What’s that all about? Beats them, too! But it’s a big, tippy bag of wrestling cats and we hope it doesn’t fall over.
  • Fossil Fuels. Getting darned expensive, eh? That would explain the high cost of lettuce in January, and of imported olives.
  • Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) and pesticide use. Although some say the jury is still out, my vote is in and that is for wholesome food grown without mucking about with anything made in a lab — something we can reproduce in our own back yards, for instance.
  • Your money stays local. If your community is strong, you are better off and much safer. Support your local farmers so that they can keep you fed and healthy.
  • You get enmeshed in your community. Meet local gardeners and farmers, visit the local organic co-op, go to a canning or earthquake preparedness workshop. Enlarge your circle of connected people.
  • You do not have to be a drain in times of stress. In an emergency, the elderly and injured will need all the help they can get. If you can look after yourself, you will not needlessly drain a system that may not have much left to give.
  • Personal resilience. Well-prepared people have an edge when handling and recovering from emergencies and trauma. That can’t hurt.
  • Being a new community asset. In times of stress, we will need many well-informed, experienced people to spread throughout the community. You may be one of them!

What Will Happen When Earthquakes Visit Us?
The information is from the Emergency Program Coordinator, what would a typical 6.2 earthquake would look like so that we could really get  our hair standing on end, and the officer said a quake of that caliber lasting “a mere 15 seconds” might cause these problems.

marie Osmond with wise food

  • Roads would become impassable due to fallen hydro lines, bridge collapses, slides, tsunamis or boulders dislodged from retaining walls.
  • Hydro and telephone would be offline due to tower and pole collapses.
  • Cell phone towers would be jammed and inoperable.
  • Water mains would break and rupture. Landslides may obstruct waterways.
  • Sewage lines and lift stations would break.
  • Natural gas lines would rupture. Fires fed by broken lines would erupt.
  • Unattended candles could fall in after shocks causing structure fires. Damaged chimneys would lead to fires and carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • People could be trapped in buildings and elevators.
  • No bank machines (ATM machines) would be operating.
  • Fuel would be reserved for emergency vehicles and generators only.
  • Only the most seriously injured would be accepted at hospitals.
  • Food deliveries would be curtailed due to infrastructure failures at the ferry terminals, docks etc.
  • Initial hoarding of food will cause supplies to rapidly dwindle.
  • Restrictions or rationing of food may be implemented.
  • Response times from police, fire and ambulance will be significantly reduced or not available.

It is Time to Stock Emergency Food Supplies
For Emergency Issue, the food and other supplies are supposed to take stock for at least 3 months, before the earthquake. We were supposed to know what we would do in a prolonged emergency. Fortunately, there are emergency food supplies from and recommended by Marie Osmond with the gourmet taste, long shelf life, by just adding water. However, there are more items on the check list and we have some recommendations below

  1. The gallon of lamp oil, The propane cooker, and the stash of lamps and matches.
  2. What y is in the cupboards, and how the heck to cook it.
  3. What is in the fridge, and what will spoil the soonest without electricity.
  4. What is in the freezer, and which of it will need to be eaten first, before it spoils.

Don’t open the freezer because your fridge freezer will keep foodstuffs frozen for a couple of days if you don’t open it, and your chest freezer will keep even longer. Don’t open it until the third day when you’re sure the electricity is not coming on soon, and when you are completely ready to deal with the contents.