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This is an internet special from Medical Guardian, rather than using the promo code to call Medical Guardian Company, why not order it online through the website and get the internet special offer which will even offer cheaper price for the medical guardian devices. Customers will be able to get free equipment, free setup fees, and there will be no long term contract or whatsoever and also, customers can get 2nd button for free without having to pay a single cent. By this, customers don’t need to use any promo code or coupon code for Medical Guardian but just follow the link below to see the latest deals and promotions. The medical guardian personal emergency alert system is medical alert system consisting of a base monitoring unit, a waterproof necklace button, and a waterproof wrist button. The system provides complete monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for a low monthly rate. There are no contracts, no commitments, and no setup charges. Delivery of the system is free and typically ships within one business day. Either transmitter can be worn or used in combination with the communication base system which is included at no charges. Set up of the alert system is easy and takes less than 5 minutes. Simply plug the included base station into your existing phone line and power outlet. Then, call to activate and test the new system and the medical guardian works just like the medical evacuation program.

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Go For Brochures First
Jan 04, 2014 by Anonymous

The brochures arrive with extra info that you might not be aware of and the most important thing is that, it came with special deal!

The Sweet thing is no contract
Jan 03, 2014 by Anonymous

Comparing with other brands like bay alarm system, they come with contract and higher monthly payment

Dec 04, 2013 by Anonymous

The internet pricing seems to be the best, thanks for sharing California Mountain View CA, 94043 USA 4.3 5.0 3 3 The brochures arrive with extra info that you might not be aware of and the most important thing is that, it came with special deal!

The Medical Guardian Package:

24/7 live monitoring from the US-based centerAll Equipment is included with no chargeLow monthly rate guaranteed to never increaseThe system covers a large distanceEquipment remains on in an electrical outageLow monthly rate guaranteed to never increase
The United States Based call center is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In the event of an emergency, you’ll never have to struggle to reach the phone. Press the button and you’ll hear a reassuring voice of the live operator from Medical Guardian Emergency Response Center. They will speak directly to you over the 2 way intercom contained in the main unit and get you the help when you need it most.

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The base monitoring unit, necklace alert transmitter and wristband alert transmitter are free. When you no longer need the system, simply return to the company
No matter how long you are the customers of Medical Guardian, you will never see a price increase
Both the necklace and wristband transmitters are waterproof and cover a 3,000 square foot home, as well as 600 feet outside the home in any direction
Should the power go out, the system will stay active. When the power comes back on, the battery recharges itself so it is ready should another power outage occur. Should the battery ever begin to run low, the system is designed to silently alert the emergency center so they can get have to system fixed.
As long as you have the system, you will never be responsible for service or repair.

How Does It Works?

how medical guardian works

  • Push the button – when help is needed, push the waterproof emergency button. A signal is sent and the user is connected with live professionally trained help.
  • Speak to the operator – You’ll hear the reassuring voice of one of our professionally trained monitoring staff
  • Receive Help If needed – If help is needed, local emergency responders will be dispatched and loved ones notified. The operator will stay with you until the help arrives.


For years, Medical Guardian has been a leading provider of personal emergency response systems for both seniors and those living with limited mobility. We really pride ourselves on knowing that we’re able to give so many seniors the independence they want, the dignity they deserve, and the peace of mind–for both themselves and their families–knowing that they will be protected in an emergency. In fact, winter is the best time of the year to get into the Medical Guardian program! As the weather starts to turn, inclement weather and ice on the sidewalks means an increased threat of falling—so there’s really no better time to protect your loved ones with a personal medical alert system.

Therapists have many tools at their disposal in addressing falls risk. Proto-smart home recommendations often include ambulation aids and home exercise routines intended to address balance and functional endurance. Home adaptations may include, among other things: (1) improved lighting, (2) removal of pathway obstacles, (3) changes in furniture heights, (4) stair-lifts or stair railings, and (5) tub benches and rails in the bath. Some sort of regular caregiver check-in system – such as a daily phone call – is recommended for people at falls risk. Electronic adaptations may incorporate level one consumer technologies, such as motion-activated lighting or a medical alert paging bracelet. In some cases, a level four monitoring system that can respond to deviations in a person’s home routine may provide an extra measure of assurance. Examples include the monitor-response systems offered by a trio of private companies in the U.S., each of which charges a monthly fee to the user. Rest Assured [18] installs video observation cameras and motion sensors in the home. Observers stationed at off-site video monitors counsel occupants via home-based videophones, contact caregivers or alert emergency medical teams when a fall or other problem is noted. As one might expect, this model has been sharply criticized for its intrusion on personal privacy. Sound Response [2] addresses this criticism by eliminating video cameras, relying entirely on motion detectors, smoke alarms and door security sensors. Off-site observers compare signals sent by these detectors to an occupant’s typical daily routine and send help if deviations are noted that may signal a fall or other problem. Quietcare [17] does away entirely with human observation, relying on a computer server to analyze home-based sensor readings and trigger alerts if unusual deviations in a person’s daily routine are noted. Connected and learning home systems such as these offer some assurance for people who are at falls risk and as supports for those with cognitive impairment, but weaknesses include gaps in observed data and historically slow arrival times by community-based emergency response teams. A person who has fallen may lie on the floor for hours awaiting the system’s decision to act and the arrival of a helper. In considering the use of these systems, each client will need to make informed decisions about personal privacy, comfort with off-site supervision and the risk of response-time delays.