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Megabus Burbank New Service Announcement

Book Early + Use Promotion Code to Save

Megabus, one of the biggest bus companies in United States has announced the latest news today about its fall travel schedule that will be happening in the next few weeks. Megabus would like to encourage everyone to save their money by booking megabus tickets in advance and so  the price start to go down to $1 or a little more  and since everyone is stepping to Fall season, then, it is time for Megabus to extend the new bus schedule to the travel holiday. It has been news that Megabus is now opening the ticket booking for fall season and for thanksgiving, the announcing tickets are now available for travel through December 2013. Also, the new service just hit the road to and from Burbank, CA and Oakland, San Jose and San Francisco have also hit the road as well.

People who want to travel earlier than that, then, you might be looking at the labor day getaway.
Today, Megabus and its bus fleet services are ready to serve every one of you to go back to your home town before and after labor day. Let take you to family, friends, barbecues, the beach, and whatever you’re going forward to. Making plans in advance will ensure you have the ticket to go and come back on time and right on schedule, imagine a huge traffic going and coming into city during the Labor Day season. Not just during the season, at the matter of fact, it is even before the labor day started and another traffic wave coming right after. Plan your trip securely with Megabus bus service now.  Also, don’t forget to check for the latest megabus promotion code and the promotion code for 2013 at, who knows, you might be the lucky one to successfully use the code.

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Getting $1 per Seat?

If you book three months in advance, it’s $1 each way! But more realistically for shows (by the time they’re confirmed), it’s $20, $35 each way. It started in the U.K. and has been really successful and now it has come to the US. Now they are testing it in all territories in United States, express buses to and from Chicago to eight cities around the Midwest, and it’s potentially cheaper than driving if you’re a one or two man group. I’ve been working on getting shows all over the Midwest and using Megabus to get there. Even if it is a $50-100 guarantee, I’m sill doing fine. Many people asked and have left comments for us on why don’t we have the really active promotional code for megabus? Well, recently, Megabus seems to be very quiet on this one and the latest code that they had issued was on February 2013. That was a really long time ago code. However, one some cases, Megabus could offer everyone with the $1 seat such as the newly opened route to/from Cleveland, and also for Burbank’s new service, at that time, when the passengers started to book the ticket sooner, the price will come down as low as $1. Right now, however, there has been no report of Megabus free ticket yet, just like what the company had announced about a year ago with 1 Million free seats, we believe that the promotion won’t be over, but Megabus is waiting for the right time to strike that promotion back to the passengers.

How Megabus Started?

in 2006 the intercity bus sector started to reassert itself and has been expanding service nationwide at a fast rate with the emergence and growth of Megabus, a new low-cost operator owned by the successful British company Stagecoach Ltd., new East Coast and West Coast operators, and new services, such as Greyhound’s Bolt Bus, by established carriers. 15 Travelers’ choices in certain markets have also greatly expanded; for example, at least ten different bus companies currently compete on the route connecting Washington, D.C., and New York City and those so-called Chinatown buses are expanding their reach beyond the East Coast to destinations in the South and Midwest.

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