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Aging Invincibility

Aging is inevitable. Anti-ageing must go on tackling it. Youth and beauty is understandably to preserve but no longer wrinkle elimination only. Anti-ageing should be a preventative health care topic in the coming future because of the growing elderly population. International different professionals from around world, including scientists, physicians, gerontologists, health care practitioners, medical center directors, spa and clinic owners, and those interested and knowledgeable in the field of antiaging should be involved to overcome the age related problems. There is no literature of anti-ageing has been published in Hong Kong. Anti ageing has just begun in Hong Kong. Other related health preventative interventions should be co-organized to give more suitable and updated information and support to different age groups which have different needs and preventions for ageing. Earlier plan for suitable public anti ageing can enhance the long term social development and decrease the social expenses and burden.

Biological progression cannot be stopped before the science of biological immortality (Shostak, 2002) would be maturely developed. A youth appearance is perceived to preserve for more social activities. Youthfulness provides an edge in the capitalist workplace and appearance dependence is nearly inevitable. Dependence on a youthful appearance when such an appearance is waning creates conflict within the individual and dissatisfaction results. This dissatisfaction leads to consumption and furthers interests external to the individual (Bayer, 2004). Anti-ageing science and technology applied by beauty industry offers advancement for public in age resistance. Images in the media foster an aesthetic ideology of the masses that drives the consumption of anti-aging products and services. With the growing elderly population in Hong Kong, anti-ageing is correlated with the social economy and long term development while it is highly correlated with health as well. Anti-age is no longer about wrinkle elimination only. It is no doubt that public anti-ageing work is not prevented by beauty industry only. Physicians from every medical discipline, scientists, nutritionists, gerontologists, chiropractors, pharmacists, pharmaceutical chemists and research, specialists, RNs or nurse practitioners, naturopathic doctors, dentists, bariaticians or weight management specialists, and complementary practitioners of all disciplines should be included. This chapter aims to bring out the message that antiageing is one of the big topics of health prevention and promotion. It will impact the social economy and long term development. It is important that anti-age should be lead by preventative health care section. Co-operation of different primary health care and beauty practitioners should be the predicted result. Earlier plan to stay young should be educated to public and supported by government so that high quality of elder living standard and good social development would be enhanced. There are lots of literatures about ageing but not anti-ageing. Antiageing is not strange but it is still green in concern. Anti-ageing is very important with health in the long term development with the growing population of elders. There is no literature about anti ageing beauty and health care has been published nowadays. Hope this pioneer article of anti-ageing can give insight to the related researchers and preventative health education and promotion for further studies.

In fact, anti-ageing is not an issue only about firming cream, antiageing facial treatments, organic cosmetics surgery, etc. It involves different aspects including beauty, medical, commercial, economy, and so on especially health care prevention. Anti-aging means do something before ageing which is a preventative action. The aim is to achieve youth, beauty and health which can relieve the existing social ageing problems. It is situated that age discrimination within a broader system of age relations that intersects with other inequalities, defining old age as an unhealthy loss of gender identity (Calasanti, 2007). People would like to overcome ageing, keep them young and health to prevent such inequality. Anti-age is no longer appearance rejuvenation only. Both beauty and health should be the preventative tool and intervention to act the age related problems while society is what the government leads. It is understood that there are different needs of anti-ageing for different age groups. Three major groups can be separated to teach and support the different needs.