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It has been a very long time since we have new coupon and promotions for customers who seek for cheaper sightseeing in New York and Manhattan and today we have received the best news from the 2 giant websites that are the major provider in sightseeing tours for New York City. Both websites have released today the newest discount code or promotional code for customers who are interested in booking the sightseeing vacations between January 2013 – 31st March, 2013. By this, the 2 websites have announced 2 codes, CitySightsNY coupon code, and Gray Line New York Promotional Code. The coupon codes from both websites offer customers 10% discount on everything and it is mostly everything to choose to purchase.

When someone has the coupon code, they need to use it very quickly and excitedly! Now, they might not know which packages from or Gray Line New York to use but we have some recommendation list below. The recommendation lists are from the 2 bestseller list of both website and so customers can get their peace of mind that they are spending their money on something other people love.

citysightsny promotion for 2013

  1. Super New York Tour – 2 Days Plus 1 Day Free! – This package is for people that have more time to spend in New York because it is very worthwhile. Paying for 2 days tour in New York, the tourist will also get 1 day extended for free.
  2. New York City All Around Town Tour – Work best for people who don’t want to focus on specific sightseeing spot in details but want to travel around the city. It is also perfect for tourists who have lesser times to spend in New York and want to see the overall of the tour.
  3. New York City Downtown Tour – This tour is for people who want to see the central area of New York and its main business and commercial area of the city.
  4. All Around Town + Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island – Works just like New York City All Around Town Tour but this tour includes statue of liberty and Ellis Island
  5. Woodbury Common Premium Outlets – For shoppers who doesn’t care much about sightseeing but would like to pay more attention on shopping!

Gray Line New York

gray line new york promotions 2013

all loop tour map gray line new york

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  1. Gray Line New York All Loops Tour (48 Hours) – Loop means the free time, and it applies to the sightseeing tour as well, New York All Loop Tours allow visitors to hop on and hop off from the sightseeing bus having more time to walk around and get back to bus on a specific time. We highly recommended this tour because it has received the award of The Best Tourist Sightseeing for 2012 by the new York city association of hotel concierges.
  2. Gray Line Freestyle New York Tour – This is a more relax version of tour as it is a free style customized tour.
  3. Gray Line New York Downtown Loop – Instead of sitting back in the bus and do sightseeing in Downtown of New York, passengers are allowed to hop on and hop off around the Down Town of New York
  4. Gray Line Classic New York Double Decker Bus Tour – Seated on the top deck of the bus getting fresh air in a more classic style
  5. Gray Line New York’s Woodbury Common Premium Outlets Shopping Tour – it is another type of wood bury bus tour but the bus will only go for Woodbury to let the passengers off to do their shopping and return on the specific time.

During last year, there were very few coupon codes coming from these 2 sites. released only 1-2 codes that were expired very quickly during the middle of 2012. Each code from was intended to activate to receive extra discount from 5% to 10% off only. However, there were also some reports that customers can still use the code that used to be available in the previous years. Now, coming back to Gray Line New York at, we could see that there were no promotions or news in 2012 but there were 2 promotions that were running since 2011 such as the free NY skyride ticket and the other one is promotion code that helps to save 20% off on specific packages.

Gray Line All Loop Tour + Yankee Stadium Tour, Promotional Code

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