New Coupon for Yola Silver $30 OFF a Year

Celebrate Memorial Day Today

yola silver memorial day sale

It might be too late, or it might be too early, you can give that answer to yourselves with the newest promotion that has just being released from right now. Today, Yola, the country-well known webhosting with side Service Company would want everyone to celebrate on their Memorial Day that considered one of the biggest discount ever offer from Customers can make their site standout in the crowd with all Yola service and get $30 off on the entire year Yola Silver Plan that everyone has been waiting for. So, let’s see how much the website owner can save out of using Yola Sliver promotional code and the service. Normally, Yola silver cost is $99.95 per year for the whole year through. We consider this as a very cheap plan and package from and there are very few webhosting company which offer this type of deal for a year with other service. Then, when it comes to the new yola promotional code, customers can save $30 off Yola Silver for a year which means that customers can end up paying only $69.95 which is 15% off from the normal price to get start cheaper.

Now, let’s see what a person can get from Yola Sliver with only $69 per year (after discount)

  • The customers will be able to use the new theme which is called “premium style” from their account
  • Wherever they go, they can upload something on their site with mobile publishing feature
  • When they update their Yola Silver website page, then, facebook will also be updating as well
  • Because going for Yola Silver means that customers will also be hosting their websites at, and so they get the premium quality webhosting at the same time.
  • Customers who have already used know that they can get the best around the clock support with advanced analytic to analyze their website to get improved in the future
  • Also, customers can get CSS editing feature of which they can modify their website appearance and interface for better user’s experiences.

Promotion Review

We couldn’t agree more that the discount code from for Yola Silver this time is huge but there’s one thing to note about this which is the timing of the coupon. released this promotion during the weekend and it is just 1 day before the Memorial Day. Of course, it doesn’t means that they should give the coupon on Sunday, but it means that they are very delayed to inform the customers that they have the special promotion for Memorial Day. This promotion was suppose to be out sometimes during the beginning of last week and not the event day where people are out of house to celebrate or to work and they don’t get the chance to take advantage of this promotion at all

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