New Cyberlink Coupon Code January 2013 – March 2013

5% Off Up to 20% Discount

Cyberlink would like to say Greetings for a wonderful year of 2013! At this time, it is not just the greeting, but it is the new promotion that has been sent directly from today in the late winter season, would like to offer everyone coupon codes that will help save up to 30% off on the hottest selling software. The codes will apply to all the regions and currencies that they have on CyberLink site. Customers can also apply to all full and upgrade versions till 3/31/2013! Please refer the following table as the offer details below.
[ws_table id=”292″] used to offer the readers with the 50% off promotions just a few days ago from, however, we have to say that, only days since they firstly announced, cyberlink had released the new coupon code followed by. The readers can see from the list up above such as PowerDVD 12, powerdirector 10, Power2Go 8, and Mediashow 6 that the discount is comparatively huge and it is up to 20% off on most software with only one 5% discount code for PowerDVD12. The sweet point is that customers who have already had the previous version of the software can also use the code to receive better discount on upgrade even though the upgrade pricing is much lesser than buying the full version. Another point to determine is the expiry date which is set to March 31st, 2013 and it’s about 2 months from now which has made more opportunity buy these software after everyone receives their tax refunds.

Point to Note

We have seen various promotions from within this month and that has made us believe that something is happening to this software publisher. The thing is the good thing that is we believe that Cyberlink will be releasing new software suite or new version of the software set to replace the old one very soon. However, the release might not be happening within February or March but it will be right after that due to the coupon code expiry date is set to the end of March 2013. However, anything could happen on the way too and this we can’t actually tell what’s going to happen.

For those who have not yet purchased Cyberlink software for full version, don’t be too panic by stop buying cyberlink software that they are about to get because they might want to take the opportunity on the release date for the new version. They can actually purchase today and pay a little bit more for the upgrade in the next new version release date as the option too.

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