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HTC one at sprint has announced today through its website about the new Smartphone that will rock everyone here. It is going to be in Sprint only, the new HTC One that give a heads up. With its live home screen, Superior camera quality, sleek design, and heart pounding sound, the one is ready to reshape everyone with the new smartphone experiences. has also announced the promotion for this Smartphone on the pre-order and probably the discount promotion and sprint promotional code once it is available. Stay tuned for more update and in the meantime, there’s a review for HTC one down below.



The giant HTC has now announced the new flagship “HTC One” the new innovation from HTC to fight back against other smartphone brand such as iPhone 5 and so we investigate more about this from Sprint of which we have found out that the adjustment from HTC one on this piece is much better than before on the new aluminum case as well as the quad processor making it a seamless Smartphone today.

new htc one front back and side

HTC one has been officially announced in New York, London, and Australia, and all of them is powered by Android 4.2 Jelly Bean display on the 4.7 Inches displaying 1080p full HD quality. This smartphone comes with Gorilla Glass preventing scratches from unintended action. HTC one’s body is made with aluminum material based on the unibody technology that no one can find the connecting or assembly point on the case of this Smartphone. HTC one has been guaranteed on the Quadcore processor, that’s right, 4 chipsets at the same time from Snapdragon 600 with 2GB of ram.

the new htc one speaker

HTC has been collecting user’s feedback and comments, and in order to serve customer better, this smartphone comes with the new technology on the home screen called “BlinkFeed” that works just like the news board that can update information automatically such as friend’s feed, news, and more. There’s something more interesting about HTC one BlinkFeed because there are more than 1,400 news allies that join HTC one allowing the users to updates their freed from MTV, ESPEN, and more. This means that the new users will be able to know more about the world with only one smartphone.

Looking at the camera from new HTC One, the new digital camera series has been installed into this version and the users can just adjust the camera to be used for front and back. The new camera can take great quality photos even in the low light situation plus the Ultrapixel technology that can enhance the camera photo taking system plus the image quality at the same time. Another qualification is the HTC Zoe allowing the users to take good image and video in the HD quality at the same time, however, this feature is said to be similar to Blackberry StoryMaker. What’s more interesting is, HTC one has placed speakers in various location in front of the phone. This method is also called BoomSound making the users have more appetite in listening to music or even watching movies.

the new htc one - the one

For Music and Entertainment, HTC one is directly connected with visualization that is connected with cloud. Whenever playing the music, the screen display lyrics with microphone in 2 spots by ultra membrane making the sound quality clearer than ever. This is not all, HTC one has been designed for the TV watcher because it is also having universal remote control for users to use this Smartphone as the remote control for many TV brands.

At this moment, let’s cross our fingers if HTC one is going to win many people’s heart just like it wishes for because recently, there has also been some rumors about the new Galaxy S that will be officially announced during March 2013 and we have to admit that HTC couldn’t build up the trend for One X just like it should have done and so, today, HTC has paid almost of their attention to HTC ONE

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