New i-to-i Offers in February 2013

Save up to £200 Today

i-to-i provide a wide variety of courses to suit many people’s needs, giving them the chance to work around their personal lifestyles whilst learning to teach English as a foreign language. i-to-i have been the industry leaders for 18 years and they’re still going strong, with thousands of people choosing them when choosing a course. They offer internships which allow you to travel abroad and learn whilst you work, which is a perfect opportunity for people out there who love to travel as well as wanting to teach. Also, there’s a variety of different online and combined courses to choose from from 20 Hour courses to 140 Hours. Work online from home, or combine it with classroom work, at i-to-i it’s all about what suits you best. The new promotion from or i-to-i are all below and so everyone can take advantage of them without using TEFL promotional code.

  • EDI CERTTEFL – it is one of the most valuable course and opportunity to learn the way to teach English student. This EDI certified TEFL course will enhance the person who had learnt and gone through the TEFL learning course before. The person of which going to take this course, they don’t have to quit the job for this. Today, i-to-i has now offered a new promotion for the course taker to save £200 until February 15th, 2013 only.
  • 140 Hour Combined TEFL Course – It is the course that has been raised as the top of the line. TEFL course because firstly it is the 140 hours course combined for both classroom and online. It is the in depth training course for people who want to seriously jumping into changing their career to teach English abroad. Today, i-to-i has reduced the price down to another £50 per person.
  • 120 Hour Online Course – For busy person, i-to-i who doesn’t want to take classroom course of any kind, the point is they can access and get trained through online only and don’t have to spend their time in the class. It is just another choice for those who want to get certified and also to save time and money. The 120 hours course today has dropped the price down for another £50
  • 40 Hour Online TEFL Course – Just another package from i-to-i for the beginner and it lets the person to attend the course regardless of timing and places. However, this is an entry level to the professional TEFL course. This course is being offered with discount of £30

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