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New York City Top Attractions 2013

The New Year Season and celebration has already been passed during the week and now we’re welcoming the new 2013. Now, people have usually done their shopping since before the countdown for many days and that’s why today, we do not want to recommend the shopping places and instead of doing that, we would like to recommend the tourist spots and places that we should visit in 2013. The hottest tourist attractions have been coming from own experiences and the number of tickets and passes sold during 2012. How do we do this? Well, we are able to track the records from the 2 websites called,, and There are more websites such as the website that distribute seasonal pass or the city pass like, the owner of the famous “Go Card” for those who love traveling in each city in one price within the limited number of days.  For those who love sightseeing, they can go for Gray Line New York Sightseeing Tour for double deckers hop on hop off bus, and for those who love shopping, they can go visit Woodbury Common Shopping Center too.   Now, before going for the recommendations on which websites we should go for in order to book the ticket, sightseeing, and recommended tourist places, we need to show the readers the top 10 right down there.

  • Niagara Fall – We have to say that no matter how often a person visiting this place, it is still an amazing scene and spot which is Niagara Fall New York 2013recommended in New York. Niagara Fall is the world’s largest water fall and it creates amusement since from the stairs along the fall. Tourists have their choices to get on board on the ferry to get closer to the fall too.
  • World Trade Center (Ground Zero) – It used to be high stood up straight for the twin tower, but now, no more. The only way to get the sense of the story and feeling from this site is through New York Tribute Tour where people can sit on the double decker bus and see all the sceneries from the above listen to the history of World Trade Center.  Also, the tour is so called 9/11 tour of which is the date and month when the event happened.
  • Statue of Liberty Tour – This is the tour that is possible to go for by getting Circle Line Sightseeing tour, Statue of Liberty Ferry tour and more. Normally, when tourists take the choice of visiting Statue of Liberty sightseeing by cruising, they would usually get extra tour in the package such as top of the rock tour plus empire state building tour from a far. For the rough information about Statue of Liberty, readers can read more on this page.
  • Disney World in Florida – There have been said that a person needs to take 4 full days to complete the tour in Disneyland park in Florida because of the huge size of land and the detail in the park. There are many rides for everyone from the creepiest and the cutest.
  • Casino in New Jersey – It is the second largest Casino in the United States of which used the most electricity. The Casinos are filled up with tourists and Americans during the night time but those are not all the players because there are many tourists who love to visit the place and just take the photo of the lights.
  • White House – Many people have seen white house in the movies but they have never really seen it with their own eyes. White House is the white house 2013considered the world’s number one command center and so very tempting to visit for one time in one’s life.
  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art – Located in the middle of New York, it is the museum that does not only show the history, but we can say that all the world’s properties are available in there. Visiting this museum one time in our life can be an unforgettable experiences
  • Amish Country Tour – When there are group of people who want to live in the modern life with all facilities facilitating them, there is just another group that would like to stay in the ancient way of living. The America’s Amish in Ohio won’t use electricity, cars, but they will only use Chariot, horses, and other form of non-petrol transportation.
  • Brooklyn Bridge – Normally, tourists would visit this bridge by the sightseeing buses and Helicopter tour, Brooklyn Bridge has been starred in many movies and it is one of the most popular and well-known New York landmark from past to present.
  • Central Park – When we visited so many places and we might want to cool down a bit walking in the Central Park area. It is the park that consider the oxygen generator or the lung of New York People. People usually visit the park after work for exercise. The park has been well-taken care of and it is very lovely to walk to chill out.

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