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new nokia lumia 928 discount at verizon

Don’t find it from anywhere else because there is only place you can find Nokia Lumia 928 and it is at Verizon Wireless. is the only portal for Nokia Lumia lovers because firstly the company offer the incredible price for everyone. The normal price of Nokia Lumia 928 is at $499 but Verizon Wireless is trying to offer only at $99. However, this discount has come with the 2 years contract to choose from. Nokia Lumia 928 comes with another option to purchase in such as the accessories bundle that allow customers to purchase the Nokia Lumia 928 with plan, with lower price, and with accessories. The accessories available are such as the beats pill, the nokia fatboy charging pillow, LG Tone, and Slingbox 500. Since it has been placed in days ago, Nokia Lumia 928 has received so much positive review from the real users and with discount promotion like this that doesn’t require Verizon Wireless Promo Code, we are quite certain that the Nokia Lumia 928 can be sold out very quickly.

nokia lumia 928 promotion at verizon wireless


After Nokia has officially announced that most of its Lumia smartphone series will usually be available at Verizon Wireless, and here comes the new Lumia 928, windows phone that has been placed and sold altogether with great plan from Verizon Wireless today. AT&T has the Lumia 920, T-mobile has Lumia 925 and Verizon has the new Lumia 928. The Nokia Lumia 928 is the windows 8 phone like all of the rest, it’s got the tiles at the front and so the users can drag and drop. The interesting point and what makes Nokia Lumia 928 different from the other one is the design. It is a little bit slimmer than the 920, and it is thicker than the 925, it’s got the sharp flat side 90 degrees angles so it has a more aggressive look perhaps the most beautiful which is more than the 920. There is a slide curve at the back of Nokia Lumia 928 so it is comfortable to hold. Though, it is a little bit slimmer than the 920, but it is prettier heavier than the 920 and so for those who wants to find the lightweight phone will not be impressed by the Nokia Lumia 928. Like other Lumia phone, the side of Nokia Lumia 928 is completely sealed because Nokia Lumia 928 doesn’t have the SD card slot to insert but that might be because the Nokia Lumia 928 is already equipped with 32 GB of disk space ready to be used.

nokia lumia 928 front and back

Another spot that Nokia claims to be very popular is the camera because it’s got pearl white technology with pure view algorithm and what interesting on this smartphone is 8.7 mega pixel camera with the xenon flash that replace the LED flash in dual working together. The Xenon flash is said to be much brighter and it makes photo looks nicer. The image quality taken from Nokia Lumia 928 is quite nice especially on the closed up images, and the view even though it is in the low light conditions. Nokia Lumia 928 is being flagged to be the best low light smartphone camera and this means that, Nokia Lumia 928 can be used to take picture even it is in the very small amount of light condition such as the one in the night time.

The Hardware

The hardware for Nokia Lumia 928 is starting with the AMOLED capacitive touchscreen with 1280X769 pixel displaying on the 4.5 inches screen powered by the puremotion HD + clearblack display. The phone is being equipped with dual core krait processor by Qualcomm MSM8960 Snapdragon S4 plus for 1.5GHZ on the Windows 8 phone operating system. The memory is at 32GB without upgradable SD card slot that process the data by 1GB of ram plus the Cloud Storage through Skydrive for 7 GB. It has been said that the Nokia Lumia 928 data transfer speed is slower than other Lumia in the same series because of Verizon Wireless service and so the users will expect the slowness from the beginning. Now, for connectivity, Nokia Lumia 928 can do everything that other phones can such as SMS, MMS, email, wifi, 3G/4G LTE, email by push and pull, instant messaging, Social Network Service such as facebook, twitter, and linkedin. Nokia has also put the new technology in this Nokia Lumia 928 such as the text to speech to transform the text into voice to help the users while driving and it also comes with auto correct spelling.

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