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Since last year and it was by year end, Microsoft has stunned the software industry by releasing Microsoft Windows 8 to the public with the great feature that we can’t resist not to buy. Today, we have Microsoft Office 365 that can do more things with lesser time to work on. In the beginning of last year we also had Adobe CS 6 as well as creative cloud and it is so happen that we’re also one of the user for adobe products. Symantec Norton had also release endpoint protection 2013 that comes together and it was almost the same time as Secureanywhere 2013 from webroot. The reason we’re talking about all these software is because, if we would notice very carefully, these software cost some dollars to us and some software like Windows 8, and Office 365 are being sold with very high price. Try to imagine that, it is the fact that we need to use these software in our daily life and we are mandated to purchase the licensed software, what should be left in our pocket and what should be our spending for software product per month? Of course, the spending on software for most people are relatively high these days because they are all in need for them. Now, how do we avoid paying too much or overpriced software? We have some suggestions here.

4 Suggestions

  • Buy them from the software aggregator – Like, today customers can purchase great prices on Windows, Office for Mac, and Norton with cheaper price. Because has all of the available software from different publishers such as Adobe, Norton, and Microsoft. Customers who make their purchase can also use Royal Discount Coupon Code to save 5% on their next order too. This promotion, we used to announce since last week and we would like to do this again as a suggestion to get lower price for software from big publishers. From what we have compared, when the customers want to purchase Windows 8 and office 365, is probably the only website that offer the lowest price (when consider using coupon code for 5% off). That’s why we suggest to purchase other software and come back for this 2 Microsoft software later to get 5% discount.


  • Buy Adobe Directly at – Because has its own online store and it has regular promotions and discount coming out from the website. All we have to do is to visit more often to check on the discount.


  • Buy Norton Directly – It is actually the Symantec store that customers can take advantage of. If you feel that the discount from software aggregator aren’t enough and you want to purchase Norton Symantec software. Then, you should try visiting before deciding anything. We would like to suggest this as an option because Symantec is also releasing promotions very frequently and most of the time customers can just shop and save!


  • Bonus – Corel Software – would usually offer customers with discount regularly by launching coupon code and discount code. However, if those prices at doesn’t really satisfy, then you can also try in too. There are various types of software such as Corel Wordperfect, CorelDraw, Paint Shop, Technical Graphics, Utilities, and Video Tools.

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