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The office that we can trust is just another name for Office Professional Plus 2013 that has just been released by Microsoft today. It’s the new toy for office people and of course for home users along the way to a large enterprise. We can’t deny that we use Microsoft office everyday on various platform such as Microsoft office on tablet, on PC, and even Mac. The reason for the new Office Professional Plus 2013 release is because the Microsoft office needs to be compatible with Windows 8 operation system. Many have asked of when was the Office Professional Plus 2013 first sold? We noticed that it started its first day at the end of October for everyone. The release of Office Professional Plus 2013 has come together with over 100 languages and it is now being sold more than 200 countries around the world but what popular is the download version of Office Professional Plus 2013 for both 32 bit and 64 bit because it is quick and easy plus it is much cheaper than purchasing the box version.

Now, there is just another question about the website and the store to order the new Office Professional Plus 2013 today and we have to say that there are thousands of stores that we can actually order them from. However, as mention in every software products, we prefer to purchase the download version from today because the price is very low. Purchasing Office Professional Plus 2013 at, customers can firstly get their software fast and in this case they can just pay for the software and start their download immediately. Besides, there are ways for the customers to purchase Office Professional Plus 2013 with extra discount at The price for Office Professional Plus 2013 for both 32 bit and 64 bit is only at $169.99, the technique is to add a little bit more of cheaper software in the shopping cart (such as to add Windows 8 + Office Professional Plus 2013). Then, customers can take $20 off from the list price right away by using coupon code that is available in In order to see all available codes, use the link below.

Get Your Cheapest Microsoft Office ($20 OFF)

Introducing the new Office, today customers can explore the new Office Professional Plus 2013 to personalize their experiences and enjoy the freedom of office when and where they need it. With the new technology that allows the users to access their applications, documents, and their personalized settings. It’s the office that everyone knows and trust. With the new transform feature. Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 has now introduced the exciting new feature that there’s no others have been having the same with the new stunning look adding more taste and feeling to the screen as well as for the users of which would makes it easier to get all jobs and assigned tasks done. The users can also express their ideas freer with the new Microsoft powerpoint with tons of new functions. Users can also stay connected by integrating Office Professional Plus 2013 with free calling program like skype of which they can sign in virtually anywhere they want. The sweet thing about the new Office Professional Plus 2013 is that firstly it is compatible with Windows 8 and we can say that Office Professional Plus 2013 is built for it. It remembers the user setting wherever the users are, whenever they sign in, and no matter what computer they are using such as from home and from office so there will be no more carrying the works from office to own place to finish the unfinished business. For the new Office Professional Plus 2013, there are 3 purchasing options just like Windows 8 that we had presented before. The first option is for home users, by this, Microsoft allows up to 5 personalized experience no matter they are in tablet or in PC. For small business, Office Professional Plus 2013 started off available to all businesses and when they say small business, the license must 10 or more. Lastly, for the large organization, by this option, there are of course for large enterprise and the IT of each enterprise can sign up at today.

What’s New in Office Professional Plus 2013?

Word 2013 – Of course there’re extra new features and extraordinary looks for the new Microsoft word 2013 software which is the only word document software right now that is compatible to Windows 8. Word 2013 has come with the new read mode making it more flow when read, object zoom function is being used with the cart and demonstrations, resume reading is also very useful for the next reading time to continue from the previous reading sessions. What we love the most for Word 2013 is that it is just like the online document where people can insert their comments on the line they wish for. This is for the others who are going to read the document to see the comments and they can also reply back as well.

Excel 2013 – We can say that at this time, Excel 2013 will help us a lot in editing data with smart search and more powerful analytical tool. The system is smart enough to recommend pivot table for the specific data, flash fill will help to reduce the users time by entering the value easier and faster. What we love the most is the recommended carts, and this is because Excel 2013 will suggest the chart that is perfectly match for the data range for the users automatically.

Powerpoint 2013 – Of course when powerpoint 2013 is being used in the presentation, it could create more stunning result which derives from the new design, impress, and work together feature. The feature that we like in this case is the powerpoint web app coauthoring. This will definitely become very useful for the project that everyone wants to share their ideas by editing on the same powerpoint at the same time even when they are away from each other for thousands of miles.

OneNote 2013 – This software is basically the same thing as the note in the iPad where the users can sync their information into their email account (such as gmail) while they are typing the information and notes into OneNote. By this, users can have more freedom to carry their note with them the whole time without having to have too many hardware or gadgets.

Outlook 2013 – This could probably be the version that people have looked for, outlook 2013 is truly the tool to help the user’s busy business life who focus much on answering email become so much easier. If there’s anyone having trouble finding the previous or old emails, today, Outlook 2013 has the new navigation bar that will help to find contents quicker and more precise. What we love the most on Outlook 2013 is the ability for us to connect Outlook 2013 with social network channel to see people’s status while working on outlook and that we don’t have to switch back and forth ever again.

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