One Day Samsung Galaxy S2 Sale at Virgin Mobile

$100 OFF Galaxy S II Today

The smartphone deal has now been revived from the grave with the new and interesting promotion of which no one would just want to read and go. Everyone including us are excited about the brand new discounted Smartphone from Virgin Mobile today. Virgin Mobile USA has released the new Smartphone deal Starting tomorrow, Virgin Mobile is excited to offer $100 off the Samsung Galaxy S II for a one-day exclusive! This offer is only good on Wednesday, February 13th. This promotion has been called as the break up day, February 13th with the break up concept of which will help to smash the price down from $279.99 to $179.99 with no question asked and there’s no need to find Virgin Mobile USA Promo Code to activate the $100 discount! Samsung Galaxy S2 is one of the best line from Samsung and it is one of the best Galaxy Series from Samsung that has the highest hits from users around the world even though this smartphone has been released a few years ago.

The phone comes with Beyond Talk Plan that allows users or subscriber to choose among the 3 different pricing plans from $35, $45, up to $55. Users who subscribe to Virgin Mobile won’t have to sign any nonnegotiable contract but they can enjoy the talking plan from 300, 1200, and up to unlimited minutes. The sweet deal from this is, users can send and receive their text unlimited for all plan plus with unlimited data transfer. Of course, we used to discuss about Samsung Galaxy S2 specification before but we would like to focus on them one more time briefly here. The phone comes with 3G and 4G network with mobile hotspot enable and so, the customers can use internet connection via either 3G or 4G with no limit and share the connection through the hotspot function. With its 4.2 inches of touch screen super Amoled display, it has made the phone looks lively and it is wide enough to see videos and beautiful images taken from the 8MP camera with LED flash that can record full HD video. This top smartphone from Samsung will always be popular since there has no brand (even iPhone) could compare with this one starting from the pricing comparison.

Promotion Reviews

Virgin Mobile used to announce the promotion like this and we have compared them on the Best Samsung Galaxy S Promotion here in However, at that time the pricing wasn’t so tempting until we have met this new promotion from Virgin Mobile. There have been various discounted promotion from many phone provider like on the $20 off Samsung Galaxy S2, however, the deal couldn’t even match this one from Virgin Mobile. Now, the not so good point of view on this promotion is that, the company can only let the deal runs for only one day which is pretty much too short for those who aren’t informed about. Overall, the promotion is good, the phone works great, but the runtime is too short.

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