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A renowned cardiologist, educator, and pioneer in integrative medicine, Dr. Sinatra has dedicated his life to healing those with cardiovascular concerns. He realized early on that the key to keeping people their healthiest went far beyond traditional medicine.

Dr. Sinatra believes wholeheartedly that you can maintain a strong heart and body and achieve optimal health through nutritional science. His integrative approach to heart health is so effective because his philosophy is simple and his passion is real.

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5 Principles for Optimal Health

  1. Integrative Approach Dr. Sinatra believes that combining the best of conventional with complementary and alternative medicine yields optimal results for cardiovascular health. From nutritional therapies, mind-body activities and lifestyle improvements, to an organic diet, natural living and more, his approach is unique and effective as evidenced by the many that rely on his nutritional supplements and advice.
  2. Science Dr. Sinatra is committed to research and learning about the newest medical discoveries so that you can benefit from cutting-edge nutritional science. That means nutrient synergies, more effective formulations, and an integrative approach to medicine that provides the best possible solutions for heart health.
  3. Quality Dr. Sinatra has always believed in providing the highest level of care, and this extends to his nutritional supplement offerings. His priority is the end-benefit to you…superior efficacy. As such, he uses only the purest, highest-quality ingredients in his supplements.
  4. Education Dr. Sinatra is committed to educating himself and others…as an accomplished author, medical conference speaker, and educator. He continues to offer specialized seminars and workshops in his quest to help people lead healthier lives.
  5. Support Dr. Sinatra’s calling to health care has always been unique…one that involves a deep sense of caring…a need to connect, support, and heal others. This is precisely why he reaches out to you, offering guidance, valuable information, and more

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